Who Is Patrick Starr, What Is His Net Worth and Gender?

The make-up industry over the years has grown to become a billion dollar industry not just because there are probably more women wearing make-up but because a whole lot of men, especially the young ones, have become bold enough to wear it unlike before. A few of these men, like Patrick Starr, have even gone on to turn it into a flourishing business from which they earn a good amount of money.

Patrick is a professional freelance photographer and makeup artist who became popular as a result of his YouTube channel which has garnered more than four million subscribers and over 288 million views from the time he joined the platform in 2013 to March 2019. He has uploaded many videos on YouTube which serve as proof that he is nothing short of an amazing makeup artist. Keep reading to discover more juicy facts about this outstanding bundle of talent.

Who Is Patrick Starr?

The Filipino-American who is presently living in Los Angeles, California, was born on  11, 1989, Orlando, Florida, with the name Patrick Simondac. He is his parent’s first child and has two brothers named Peter and Paul with whom he grew up in his birthplace.

Patrick Starr, like many other 21st century youths, rose to fame through the video-sharing platform, YouTube. He did not venture into the beauty industry by accident or because there was no other way for him to make a living, rather, his decision to build a career in the industry was as a result of a passion which he had nursed from childhood.

Watching beauty-related television programs such as The Swan and Miss Universe also deepened his love for cosmetics and further convinced him that the beauty industry was his for the taking. Meanwhile, Patrick also loved photography. It was even from working as a photographer that he got inspired to venture into makeup.

This was how it happened. In a video on his YouTube channel titled Get to Know Me, the talented young man revealed that he got into photography after he graduated from high school. He would take pictures of people and then Photoshop them to look good. He also took pictures of his friends from Facebook and put makeup on them just for fun but by doing that, the idea of making his customers up instead of Photoshopping struck him and from then, he started doing just that, even styling their hair sometimes.

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Patrick Starr
Patrick Starr and Kim Kardashian Image Source

In the same video, Patrick Starr also revealed that he had wanted to become a nurse while growing up and even went as far as studying nursing in his undergraduate years but fate always has a way of bringing one back to where one should be.

He worked at MAC cosmetics where he gathered a whole lot of knowledge about makeup products and applications. Armed with this knowledge, he created a YouTube channel named “PatrickStarr” on February 26, 2013, where he uploads makeup tutorials, beauty and lifestyle videos. Some of the videos on the channel are The Power of Makeup, How I Take Off My Makeup, Makeup Transformation Timelapse, My Wedding Makeup Tutorial, Full Coverage Foundation Routine, and many others.

Because of his outstanding talent, Patrick Starr has been privileged to make-up quite a good number of superstars, including actresses Ashley Tisdale and Anneliese Van Der Pol, renowned dancer Maddie Ziegler, reality television star Kim Kardashian, and her mother, Kris Jenner and the media personality, Paris Hilton.

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His Net Worth

The internet sensation has millions of followers on different social media platforms. He has more than 4 million people following him on Instagram, over 4.2 million subscribers, and over 288,000 views on YouTube as of March 2019, as well as over nine thousand likes on Facebook and Twitter, put together. It is not surprising, therefore, that the hardworking young man has an estimated net worth of $300,000.

What is His Gender?

Because wearing makeup is predominantly associated with women, it is easy for people to assume without asking, that anyone whose face is covered with makeup is a woman. Some of Patrick Starr’s fans and followers had drawn this erroneous conclusion about his gender while some others were not sure whether he was a man or a woman. Some of those in the latter group decided to hear from the horse’s mouth so they asked Patrick to clear the air.

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Addressing the question, the makeup artist said he was a man. He revealed this in a video titled I Am A Man, saying he was a man in makeup and that he loves makeup so much. He has also made it public on his various social media platforms that he is gay.

All You Need To Know 

1. Patrick’s parents, both Filipinos, immigrated to the United States where they had all their children and raised them in the Catholic faith. While his mother is a nurse, his father is a businessman.

2. Having tried to convince their son to follow his initial dream of becoming a nurse and failing, Patrick’s parents decided to support him in his makeup business.

3. Although a Filipino by birth, Starr cannot communicate in his native language but understands it very well.

4. On Aug 2, 2017, Patrick Starr published his Kim Kardashian West makeup Tutorial on his YouTube channel and by the following year, the video had garnered more than 12 million views, making it his most popular video on the platform. This figure has since changed and as of March 2019, the number of views is over 14 million.

5. In addition to makeup, Patrick has also ventured into music. He uploaded his first music video, Got the Glam, on Jun 4, 2018, and it has received over million views so far. He followed it up with Don’t on September 3, 2018.

6. The 5 Feet 10 inches beautician received a Best Beauty Channel award at the 2017 Streamy Awards.

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