Let’s Patronize Our Own – Innoson Advises Nigerians

Nigeria’s tech-innovator and entrepreneur, Innoson has called on Nigerians to patronize Nigerian made goods at this time in order to help salvage the downward trajectory of the economy which is currently in recession.

The Managing Director Innoson group of companies, Dr Innocent Chukwuma, popularly known as Innoson, made the appeal during his one day visit to the Centre for Basic Space Science (CBSS), University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

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Innoson’s call for Nigerians to buy more of Nigerian products to raise the Naira will not be the first. However the discouraging part of the initial call by the government was the hypocrisy behind it.

Nigerians have since called for Nigerian leaders to lead by example. They have since shared their reservation with the call, saying that the leaders go for the best in the world while the poor masses are urged to patronize the locally made products.

On that note the federal government gave a practical example. The Nigerian Air Force partnered with Innoson to produce war vehicles and aircraft that were used in fighting the Boko Haram insurgency.

Dr Innocent Chukwuma has also worked on contracts from state governments on request for official vehicles.

“…Any country that depends on importation of products would forever continue to depend on other countries for its economic survival. The more a country imports everything the more the economy of such country declines.”

“Patronizing locally made goods will not only improve the economy of the country but also help to reduce unemployment in the country.”

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Stressing the need for investing in the technological advancement of the nation, Innoson also cited the need to improve Nigeria’s manufacturing industry.

In the pursue of a diversified economy, it is a glaring truth that Nigerians are largely left with no choice than to work and improve locally made products.

Innoson is certain that once the nation attains a self-sufficiency status and with international standards, then there is fertile ground to turn Nigeria into an exporting country.

At the moment the federal government has banned the importation of about 41 items.