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Although the world boasts of many pop icons today, Patty Smyth has proved her mettle as one of the best pop singers to have graced the music industry. Renowned for her distinctive voice, the veteran singer and songwriter gained worldwide recognition as the lead vocalist of the early popular 1980s rock band, Scandal. The band produced several hit singles including ‘Goodbye To You’ and ‘The Warrior’. Following the dispersal of the band in 1985, the gifted singer went solo and got her first breakthrough with her album, ‘Never Enough’ and since then, her fame has just grown by leaps and bounds.

Subsequently, Smyth’s song, ‘Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough’ which featured Don Henley from her second solo album, ‘Patty Smyth’, became a huge hit as it clinched No. 2 in Billboard Hot 100 chart and also fetched her a Grammy Award nomination. Interestingly, her song, ‘Look What Love Has Done’ was used as the title song of the megahit comedy movie, Junior and it earned her Oscar and Grammy award nominations. She is also widely known as the wife of the retired tennis ace, John McEnroe. Keep reading For more details and juicy facts about John McEnroe’s wife.

Patty Smyth’s Biography

The Grammy award nominee was born, Patricia Smyth in New York City, United States on 26th June 1957 to her parents, George and Betty Smyth. She was raised along with her older sister, Elizabeth in Gerritsen Beach in Brooklyn. Regarding her educational achievements, Patty Smyth has not disclosed any information about that as it’s still unknown which high school she attended.

At a young age, the Oscar award nominee decided that she would be a singer. Starting off at the age of fifteen by performing Cat Stevens’ songs at Folk City, New York to playing musical sets at Catch A Rising Star comedy club, Smyth went on to establish her first band called Patty and the Planets. After answering the call to become the lead singer of Zack Smith’s rock band, Scandal, in 1981, Patty Smyth has not looked back ever since as she took her music career to a greater height.

The following year, the band released their first album titled, ‘EP’ with one of their songs, ‘Goodbye To You’ clinching No. 5 on Billboard’s Album Rock charts. The success of their first album led to the release of their second album titled, ‘Warrior’ on 21st August 1984. The album climbed to No. 17 on the US Billboard Hot 200 album chart while its title song, ‘The Warrior’ became No. 1 on US Billboard Album Rock Tracks Chart and Canadian RPM Top singles. It also clinched the No. 7 spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart along with winning a BMI Airplay award.

Following the decision to dissolve the band in 1985, Patty Smyth launched her solo music career and released her first album, ‘Never Enough’ in 1987. The album was a success as it’s title song clinched No. 4 spot on the US Mainstream Rock Tracks. As a result of the success of her earlier venture, Smyth returned with her second official music album, ‘Patty Smyth’, on the 18th of August 1992. It’s single, ‘Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough’ was a super hit as it fetched her a Grammy award nomination. Her song, ‘Look What Love Has Done’ which was the title song of the 1994 movie, Junior also fetched her both a Grammy and Academy Award nominations.

The dissolved rock band, Scandal reunited in 2004 and released a single titled, ‘Hard For You To Love Me’ on 17th January 2009 in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Patty Smyth’s Net Worth

Patty Smyth has made a notable mark in the music industry with her career that has spanned over three decades. However, her net worth is still under review. Her husband, on the hand, has an estimated net worth of $60 million.

Facts About John McEnroe’s Wife

1. Patty Smyth’s Personal Life

Patty Smyth
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Patty Smyth first tied the knot with the guitarist, singer-songwriter, Richard Hell in 1985 but later got divorced in 1987. Their marriage was blessed with a daughter, Ruby, who was born in 1985. She later got acquainted with the former pro tennis superstar, John McEnroe in 1993 and the couple welcomed their first daughter, Anna on 27th December 1995. They solemnized their union on 23rd May 1997 in Hawaii and welcomed another daughter, Ava on 28th March 1999.

2. Her Parents

Patty Smyth’s father, George worked with a construction company and her mother, Betty owned many night clubs and was the former manager of the famous guitarist, Link Way. She was also a trapeze performer.

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3. Patty Smyth’s Predicaments

Smyth was arrested twice at the age of twelve for trying to buy narcotics on a street corner and for assaulting an officer.

4. Her Odd Jobs

At her youthful age, the pop icon once served as a waitress in order to make ends meet.

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