Does Paul Wall Have A Wife or Kids & Who Are His Family Members? 

Paul Wall has a wife named Crystal Wall, whom he got married to in 2005. Together they have two children, a son and a daughter respectively named William “Will” Patrick Slayton and Noelle Slayton.

Although Paul Michael Slayton, popularly known as Paul Wall officially, joined the music industry in 1998, he has produced more hit songs than many of his colleagues who joined the music industry much earlier. The multi-talented and versatile artiste works as a rapper, songwriter, DJ and actor.

Popular for his exceptional creativity and skills in mixtape production, Paul Wall rose to prominence with his numerous collabos with fellow rapper, Chamillionaire; prominent among their collaborations is their 2002 album, Get Ya Mind Correct.

Paul has since released several other chart-topping solo and collaborative projects. Some of which include The Peoples Champ album with the hit lead single, “Sittin’ Sidewayz”; his third studio album – Get Money, Stay True, and more. On the side of acting, Paul Wall is best known for his appearances in Furnace, Ghetto Stories, and Alligator X.

But then, how is Paul Wall’s life away from his obviously successful career? Does he have a wife, kids, and family members?

Does Paul Wall Have A Wife or Kids?

Paul Wall has a wife, Crystal Wall, whom he got married to in 2005. Paul met Crystal around the early 2000s while he was still in college. The two, who were both 21 at the time, became friends and subsequently kicked off a romantic relationship. Just like Paul, Crystal also has a burning passion for music. After dating for several years, Paul and Crystal decided to take their relationship to the next stage – marriage. The duo eventually exchanged marital vows on October 22nd, 2005.

Following their marriage, the relationship between Paul Wall and his wife, Crystal Wall has continued to grow strong. Their union has been devoid of common controversies and issues that usually characterize celebrity marriages. The couple’s mutual love for music contributes a great deal to strengthening their romantic bond. In addition to their love for music, Paul Wall and his wife, Crystal are avid exercise disciples and usually take workout their routines together which also helps to build their relationship.

Together with Crystal, Paul Wall has two children, a daughter and a son. Their first child is their son who is named William “Will” Patrick Slayton; he was born on the 18th of April, 2006. Their daughter, Noelle Slayton, arrived about two years later, in 2008.

Who are Pall Wall’s Family Members? 

Paul Wall
Paul Wall and Crystal Wall before(l) and after weight loss (r)

Paul Wall’s family members comprise his wife and two kids. Paul’s wife, Crystal Wall is an African-American country singer and fitness instructor. Crystal, who is from Houston, Texas, is the founder and CEO of Mixfitz Studios LLC, a dance fitness club located in The Heights, Houston.

Crystal works as the head coach with other instructors whose aim is to help people reach their weight loss and fitness goals through the most enjoyable way. For them, getting fit should be fun and exciting instead of boring.

In 2017, Crystal Wall headlined the fitness concerts organized by popular hip hop wellness media firm, Feel Rich Inc. at the Superbowl LI. Worthy of note at this point is that her husband, Paul Wall, has also been a grand patron and beneficiary of Feel Rich’s routines before this time. Precisely in 2010, when the American rapper lost over a hundred pounds through rigid dieting and workouts alongside a gastric sleeve operation.

Meanwhile, Crystal had earlier taken part in a Feel Rich documentary in 2011 which featured her husband not long after he had the surgery. She subsequently started blogging for the company and later lost 45 pounds herself mainly through the popular dance-workout called Zumba. The life-changing experience compelled Crystal Wall to become a fitness coach herself. She started with coaching her mom and sisters before founding the Mixfitz Studio in 2013.

By November 2014, Crystal Wall and her husband, Paul, had already lost a combined total of 200 pounds, with the former also having undergone liposuction surgery. The interesting part? The couple actually gained weight together. They simultaneously gained weight as they progressed in their marriage and had kids. But after their phenomenal weight loss, the couple has been championing various courses that promote wellness, fitness and general healthy living. They are also working very hard to build a very healthy family with their kids.

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