Is Pauly Shore Dead and What Do We Know About His Net Worth?

Pauly Shore took the US by storm in the 90s with his distinctive comic wits portrayed in his numerous comedy films. Shore in the 90s was the way to go in the comedy faculty. Although it seems like the comedy guru has taken a step away from the limelight, his remarkable works can never be forgotten. The media, as well as the public, have long questioned the actor’s long hiatus from entertainment. These speculations gave rise to a lot of questions regarding his personal life. To dwell on these questions would mean to dwell on the life of the comic actor.

Who Is Pauly Shore?

He was born Paul Montgomery Shore on February 1, 1968, in Los Angeles, California. It must have been a matter of heredity for Pauly who was born to comedian Sammy Shore, his father, and Mitzi Shore his mother, who owned popular comedy club ‘The Comedy Store’. The Paulee Body Shop located in Los Angeles was one of the locations that inspired Shore’s mum to name him ‘Paul’. Comedy surely ran through the veins of the actor who eventually made a decision to toe the line of his parents at the age of 17. The comedian was also influenced by comic performers at his mother’s Comedy Store in the 80s. Some of them included Roseanne Barr, Richard Pryor, and so many others.

Choosing the comedy line, Shore declined from pursuing a college degree after high school and instead, made an entry into stand-up comedy. He continued with comedy and soon came up with an alter ego – The Weasel – which later shaped his works. He started to gain prominence in stand-up comedy and was soon made an on-air MTV VJ in 1989, a position he held for five years. While he was MTV VJ he also created his show ‘Totally Pauly’. After dabbling in music for a while, Paul Shore tested waters in the film industry.

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He first featured in the comedy film Encino Man in 1992 and in 1993 he landed another role in the comedy Son in Law after which he starred in In The Army Now and Bio-Dome.

Pauly Shore in a scene in Son in Law

In 1995, he voiced the character of Bobby Zimmeruski in the animation A Goofy Movie. He also starred in the film Stonerville (2010) as Rod Hardbone. He went into music again when he appeared in music videos ‘N  2 Gether Now’ by rock band Limp Bizkit and also in the video ‘Break Stuff’.

Is Pauly Shore Dead?

The aforementioned question often finds its way to the internet due to Shore’s seeming inactivity over the years. But the fact remains that although his acting career seems to have declined, Shore has turned his focus on standup comedy. Furthermore, the question revolving around the life of the comedian more or less emanated in 2003 when Shore produced a mockumentary ‘Pauly Shore Is Dead’ where he faked his own death with the aim of achieving popularity.

Following the release of the semi-autobiographical film, speculations about his life ensued, which was what the comedian wanted in the first place. The film Pauly Shore Is Dead which starred personalities like Charlie Sheen, Paris Hilton, Adam Sandler, and others, exceeded the expectations of the comedian as it outshined his other works and got better reviews, as against his previous works. But in reality, Pauly Shore is still alive and does more of tours and standup comedy.

What is His Net Worth?

Shore was able to gather some assets before his seeming hiatus from entertainment. Even with his present endeavours, the comedian has been able to garner some assets for himself. Shore’s net worth has been estimated at $20 million which is quite on a comfortable range. Pauly makes his money from his comedy stints as well as tours.

Reports have it that the actor is still into acting and that he earns as much as $1 million as salary for his movies. The comedian owns a Range Rover worth $120,000 and is also the owner of a luxury home in LA where he resides and in other locations.

Gay Rumors and Other Facts

Pauly Shore was rumored gay following his rather puzzling status on social media which read ‘I think I’m gay now’. Although he never came out to either debunk or confirm the speculations, his silence amid the pandemonium further increased speculations about his sexuality. This continues to gain weight as the comedian has never been married before.

Although it is not in our place to define his sexuality, we have some related facts on the issue.

  • Pauly Shore has dated a lot of women in the past although none of the relationships led to marriage.
  • Some of the names in his girlfriend diaries include; Brandy Alexandre, Deborah Laufer, Kylie Minogue Midori, Kina Tavarozi, Jewel De’Nyle, Jillian Grace, Tiffani Thiessen, and many others.
  • Shannon Wilsey, an ex-girlfriend of the comedian committed suicide in 1994. Wilsey who was an American pornographic actress shot herself after she was involved in a fatal accident that in a way disfigured her face. Shannon was upset about the accident and attempted to kill herself but ended up in a life support in the hospital after the suicide attempt. Her father, however, shut down the life support after he was convinced she wouldn’t make it. Shannon’s death was quite tough for Pauly Shore, who almost lost his career over his grief.


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