Pearl Modiadie’s Take On Motherhood and Facts About The Boyfriend Who Fathered Her Child

Since the news first broke that Pearl Modiadie was pregnant, eyes and ears have continued to turn in her direction as everyone seems eager to know everything there is about it; who is the boyfriend, are they married, how is motherhood on her, and more.

Well, the star who has since given birth to a baby boy is relishing every moment of every step of the way and she doesn’t seem held back to dish her fans and followers her journey from the time of her pregnancy to the birth of her kid and even how she is enjoying being a mother. She revealed that motherhood has changed her in more ways than anyone could imagine including physically, psychologically, and even in her routine.

The Actress Is Enjoying Motherhood And Has So Much To Say About It

Since she became a mother, Pearl hasn’t held back as regards sharing each of her experiences along the way and also the excitement that follows.

On motherhood, she reveals that she has not yet experienced anything that is more exciting, although it doesn’t come any easy. Pearl has had to go through many changes since becoming a mother. She has now changed both physically and psychologically, while her sleeping and waking pattern, as well as her general life have all been adjusted.

Pearl who has been taking to Instagram to keep her followers updated on her motherhood journey stated that the process of adjustment has been quite slow for her, but she is learning as she goes on, knowing that there are many other women all over the world going through the same process.

In spite of all the changes, the mother of one revealed that she is enjoying it and would not trade it for anything in the world. It might have slowed some aspects of her career, but she still finds the time to put in some work.

Pearl Modiadie Kept Her Pregnancy Hidden For Six Months

Pearl Modiadie
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One doesn’t have to be very close to Pearl Modiadie to know that the  “It Takes A Village” TV personality is a very private person. Because of this, it was easy for her to keep her pregnancy hidden from the prying eyes of the public for up to six months.

Born on 29 December 1987, it was the first pregnancy for the multitalented woman, but she still managed to keep the excitement down for a while. Although she gave a little hint on the way, it was said to be some members of her team that finally spilled the beans, revealing that she was expecting her first child.

According to the reports, members of her team revealed that she was very excited since it was her first experience, but she was keeping it a secret for now, because her culture did not allow for her to talk about it even though the bump was already out. Also, they added that she would later share the news herself.

She Took To Social Media To Announce The Birth Of Her Bundle Of Joy

After the news of her pregnancy first hit the public space the media personality and actress confirmed that it was indeed true, but she would love to enjoy the journey privately with her family and those close to her.

A few months later, in September 2020, she took to her Twitter to drop a message, stating that she was overjoyed. This was followed by many congratulations from her followers. A proper announcement of the birth of her baby came on Instagram where she showed a little of the baby, but keeping the face away.

Pearl Modiadie wrote of how she longed for the child in the Instagram post, and finally having it here felt incredibly surreal. She said the baby gave her a feeling she couldn’t explain, and both she and the father love the baby.

Her Maternity Photos Attracted Backlash From Some Followers on Social Media

Following the birth of her baby, the actress took to social media where she shared photos of her baby bump. She announced beforehand on Twitter that she was going to share the photos having kept fans in the dark during the pregnancy.

She shares the amazing pictures with fans a month after her child came, with the caption, “The Power Of Creation”. It came as a surprise because after a fan asked her to “bless us” with the photos of her baby bump, Pearl Modiadie promised to share them once the baby starts walking.

While a lot of her fans reeled over the photos, there were still some that criticized her for it, accusing her of showing too much skin. The media personality also hit back, slamming anyone who could not stand seeing a bare pregnant belly to leave her page.

Pearl Modiadie Had The Child For A French Businessman

Pearl Modiadie
Pearl Modiadie and Baby Daddy (Image Source)

The name of the baby daddy of Pearl Modiadie’s baby daddy is not known, but what is certain is that he is a French businessman who is into online trading. Even after the birth of their child together, she has still continued to keep much information about him private but has shared his pictures a number of times.

Pearl and her lover were said to have met through a mutual friend in 2018 after she ended her previous relationship that almost led to the altar. She was said to have remained single for a while after the previous much-publicized relationship that lasted a long time came to an end. For now, other circumstances under which she met her present lover including the place, is not known.

Although they started dating towards the end of 2018, the first time that fans would get a glimpse of her prince charming was in 2019.

He continues to feature in the pictures and videos she shares about her baby, which suggests that he wants to be fully involved in the life of their child. Nonetheless, there is still no talk of marriage for the duo yet, or maybe in the public space. It has been revealed, however, that he is no stranger to African culture and so he was already preparing to meet her family and ‘pay for damages’.

Pearl Modiadie Has Given Fans A Peep Into Her Baby’s Nursery

Since the birth of her child, Pearl Modiadie has continued to enjoy every bit of the experience, and sharing it all along the way, with the exception of the face of her baby.

She has shared pictures including the baby’s well-designed nursery that is fitted with baby items. The wall closest to the bed had the name ‘Olivier Lewatle’ written. This gave hints to followers that the name of the baby is Olivier.

The nursery also has a stuffed giraffe, a drawer, what seems to be a rubble plant, and a seat and footrest. She revealed that the design of the nursery was done with the help of @bespokebabies_southafrica. 

She Has Had Some Failed Relationships In The Past Before Meeting Her Baby Daddy

Pearl Modiadie
Pearl Modiadie and Nkululeko Buthelezi (Image Source)

Just as the cliche goes, everything happens for a reason. For Pearl, the reason for her failed relationships in the past might not be unconnected to her being blessed with her child through her baby daddy.

She was once in a relationship with Nkululeko Buthelezi whom she started dating in 2015. By almost every standard, the couple looked great together and so it was not surprising to anyone when Nkululeko Buthelezi asked her to be his wife during a romantic helicopter ride in Zambia, the same year they started dating.

What became surprising was that two years after the engagement, the media personality decided to call it off and end the relationship. Half a year after ending things, Pearl was again back to her former fiance and businessman. This time around, it was not going to last a long time before she called it off for a last and final time in 2018.

According to her, she returned to him after the first breakup because she wanted to give him another chance, but she realized things were no longer the same and so she decided to pack her bags.

Apart from this relationship, Pearl Modiadie revealed that she once dated a man outside of her race, but the relationship came to an end because of distance.

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