Thousands Posed Naked And Blue For The Sea Of Hull Installation In The UK

The past weekend saw thousands of people strip naked and be painted blue for the Sea of Hull installation by Newyork-based artist Spencer Tunick in the UK.

While many are still mulling over the fact that Britain will no longer be a part of the European Union, as well as the fact that there will be a new Prime Minister in one day, the Sea of Hull installation which happened over the weekend is worth talking about too.

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The exhibition which had 3,200 people involved was aimed at appreciating the city of Hull’s relationship with the sea. This art installation was the largest of its kind to ever happen in the United Kingdom.

 Sea Of Hull Installation Nude models pose for a photograph by US artist Spencer Tunick
Naked models posing for the Sea of Hull art installation

The participants who were from about 20 countries were bare and painted four different shades of blue which made them look like real life Smurfs.

Artist Spencer Tunick said: “The Sea of Hull installation was one of the most fantastic projects I’ve ever done, and it was inspiring to be able to intertwine the city’s maritime heritage against an urban backdrop throughout the whole piece.

sea of hull installation by Spencer tunick

“The photo incorporates some of the city’s unique locations including the architectural steel-structured masterpiece that is Scale Lane Bridge, framed by Georgian and Victorian buildings, adding to the striking shots captured during the installation.

sea of hull installation by Spencer tunick
The ‘Sea of Hull’

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“It’s always wonderful to see the various-sized people covered in paint walking through the streets of a city I admire. I’m looking forward to the exhibition of my final works made here in Hull in the spring of 2017.”

The Sea of Hull installation has been commissioned by the Feren’s art gallery in Hull.