Personal Or Political: This Is Why Malik Obama Is Pro-Trump

Malik Obama is Barack Obama’s Kenyan half brother. Past records show that the brothers shared significantly close relations.

In 2008, Malik Obama shared with the world and in fact sold an old personal letter sent to him by Obama; declaring his intention to join politics.

The content of the letter was indeed an insight on the character of the man who would today be called the President of the United States.

“Some colleagues of mine here have talked me into running for the Illinois state senate (like being an MP for a province not the national United States Congress in DC). I have agreed, since I have an interest in politics to deal with some serious issues blacks face here.”

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The letter which was dated July 23, 1995 also proved that there was an existing cordial communication between the brothers who both served as best man at each other’s weddings.

“I received your postcard, along with the news that you’ve found a new wife. Man, I must say you don’t fool around!”

“Michelle is fine, also busy with her work. My mom’s health has been stabilized for now, but she is by no means cured and continues to undergo extensive treatment.”

Unfortunately it appears the supposed sweet brotherly relationship has gone sour. Recently the media has been reporting unexpected expressions from Malik towards his younger half brother and the President of the United States.


It appears his bone of contention with Obama cuts across personal and political matters.

According to Malik, who is also a United States citizen, he has not been enjoying easy access to his brother Obama.

“I have to go through this woman and make a request, saying I would like to see him. Then I just have to wait. The last time I requested to see him was June 15th and I’ve only just got a response.”

“And that’s how it usually works. It all depends on whether there’s an opening in his diary.”

On more political grounds, the 50 year old who has lived in the Washington since the 80’s is not confused about who to vote for in the coming November elections in the United States.


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“Something is going on with Hilary that I don’t like. Donald on the other hand, he speaks his mind and is straight forward.”

“He appeals to me and also I think that he is down to earth and he speaks from the heart and he is not trying to be politically correct. He’s just straight-forward.”

On Trump’s proposed policy to ban Muslims from migrating to the US, Malik Obama thinks it is logical enough. He supports the idea.

“I’m a Muslim, of course, but you can’t have people going around just shooting people and killing people just in the name of Islam.”

“To each his own. I speak my mind and I’m not going to be put in a box just because my brother is the President of the United States.”