What Did Pete Holmes Move on to When TBS Canceled His Show and Who Did He Get Remarried to? 

Pete Holmes is a celebrated comedian who has taken the center stage since the inception of his popular podcast, You Made It Weird. The sensational comic artist has proven his versatility by doing some works as a producer, writer, and actor known for various TV shows such as The Pete Holmes Show and Crashing.

The former was particularly a stepping stone for the comedian following its premiere on TBS in 2012. Despite its brief run on the air, it proved to be a momentary break in Pete Holmes’ rise to the top. He has gone to star in other TV shows, write and produce additional projects and generally made a great success in his career.

He Has Maintained an Acting Career Since the Cancellation of The Pete Holmes Show

When Pete Holmes and Conan O’Brien worked to develop a talk show in 2012, they hoped for success. At its inception, they named the show, The Midnight Show with Pete Holmes, with the expectation of bringing a different edge to the talk show format. They shot three pilot episodes in 2012, with features like short films, live comedy, guest interviews, and sketches.

The pilot episodes had comedy stars like Nick Offerman, T.J Miller, and Bill Burr. Executives at TBS were impressed and eventually picked it up for a seven-week run. The show debuted in October 2013 and had a modestly successful first season. However, a string of low ratings in the second season’s 13-week run was unable to justify the investment in the show, and the network canceled it, ending its existence in June 2014.

But what could have been a downturn in Pete Holmes’ career trajectory turned out to be a minor blip. He maintained his career as a standup comedian, touring and appearing in other shows like Getting Doug with High, Laugh Factory, and more. As an actor, he has made over 15 acting appearances since then, in works like American Dad!, Animals., Fantasy Hospital, The Secret Life of Pets 2, and others.

Pete Holmes
Pete and John Mulaney in Crashing: image source

Pete came up with another idea, a semi-autobiographical show about a young comedian who pursues a standup comedy career after his wife cheats on him. The idea was picked up by HBO, who ordered the first season in January 2016. The show, Crashing, was critically well-received, and it lasted three seasons and 24 episodes before it went off the air in 2019.

The Comedian Has Also Released His Debut Book and Grown His Podcast Since the Show

Outside of acting, Pete Holmes has continued his career as a standup comedian, to admirable success. He has released two comedy albums since, Faces and Sounds and Dirty Clean in 2016 and 2018, bringing his total to four since his debut project in 2011.

The comedian has also committed his thoughts to written words and published a book, Comedy Sex God. He released the book, which he termed an autobiography, philosophical inquiry, and spiritual quest in May 2019. But by far the most consistent individual success since his TBS show is his podcast, You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes.

Pete launched the podcast in October 2011, well before The Pete Holmes Show. The podcast, which focuses on conversations with fellow comedians and entertainers about comedy, religion, and sexuality, has been a roaring success since its launch. Since the end of his talk show, it has continued growing with over 500 episodes as of August 2020.

A spin-off version of the show, We Made It Weird, has also begun airing. It premiered in August 2020, and while it has a similar format to the original, it features only Pete and his wife, Valerie. In all, since The Pete Holmes Show went off the air, he has stayed busy, expanding on a career that began in 2001.

Pete Holmes Transition to Comedy Started in the Church

A comedian finding his feet in the church is not a story typical in the comedy industry, unlike pop musicians in the 90s and early 2000s. Pete, born in Boston, Massachusetts, to a Lithuanian refugee mother, grew up in a religious home. As a devout Christian, he had plans to become a youth pastor.

However, on his way to becoming a pastor, he developed an affinity for public speaking, which resulted in a love for comedy. When he left for college at Gordon College, he joined the improv group, The Sweaty-Toothed Madmen, cementing his departure from his original career path.

After leaving college, he began performing standup comedy. He started in New York, then Chicago, before moving to Los Angeles. With a few years of professional comedy under his belt, he made his onscreen debut in 2005 in the Comedy Central show, Premium Blend. Two years after, he debuted as an actor in the shows, Honesty and Scott Bateman Presents.

Pete Holmes continued growing his career on stage and onscreen simultaneously, with appearances in variety shows, talk shows, and TV shows. He first found recognition as an actor, as the lead character, Batman, in the CollegeHumor Originals web series. He launched his popular podcast two years after, and collaboration with Conan O’Brien led to his TBS talk show, The Pete Holmes Show.

Over the years, his career has evolved beyond the stage and onscreen work. He has also worked behind the scenes as a producer and writer, with a combined 20 credits in both roles. He produced 16 episodes of Crashing and is a credited writer for episodes of The Simpsons, Funny as Hell, and Laugh Factory.

A Failed First Marriage Led to His Second Marriage to Valerie Chaney

There were a lot of changes in Pete Holmes’ life in the 20s. Pete started his comedy career, and he started and ended a four-year marriage to a woman named Becca. After possibly meeting in college, Pete and Becca got married shortly after graduation. However, four years after, they got divorced after she cheated on him.

While the story of their breakup informed his show, Crashing, he has moved on in the real world with another woman, Valerie Chaney. They reportedly began their relationship in 2014 and dated for three years before exchanging vows in 2017.

Not much is known of her other than the fact she is ten years younger than her husband. We also know she is a part of the non-profit organization, Real Girl, an NGO dedicated to developing the skills and building confidence in young girls.

However, having joined her husband in the spin-off podcast, We Made It Weird, fans will learn more about the comedian’s wife. However, as a couple, their marriage has been blessed with a daughter, Lila Jane, who was born in September 2018.

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