Zuckerberg & Bill Gates Would Not Be Top World Billionaires If They Were Nigerians – Peter Obi

Peter Obi’s independence message has become food for thought for all Nigerians. The impact has surpassed the routine presidential speech delivered by President Buhari.

In the spirit of the Nigerian Independence, the former state governor gave the nation the piece of his mind on international television.

While it was independence and everyone was looking for what to celebrate, Peter had a couple of canker-worms that he did not feel like celebrating.

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The past South-east governor outrightly made his reservations on the poor and unfavorable business basics in the society as well as the highly celebrated criminality in the nation.

First off, Peter Obi made it emphatically clear that the Nigerian society is not as business and entrepreneurial friendly as should be.

“People are talking about Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, let me tell you the truth, if any of them were here, he won’t succeed. Quote me anywhere. I have gone to the best schools. I went to Oxford, Cambridge, and I can tell you this confidently.”

“Have you seen anybody in this country who walked into the bank and was given money based on intellectual capital?”

“They will ask you to bring your grandmother’s house, your father’s old house… A bank gave Bill Gates $1 million. Go and read the history of Microsoft. Steve Jobs and his friend were given $2 million. Who would have given them such kind of money here? Nobody.”

Peter Obi’s independence message also threw light on the plight of inventors in Nigeria. He says that the nation is replete with brilliant people but the lack of patriotism and sponsorship from the government stifles these ideas and their growth.

Nigeria is internationally acknowledged in the world for both the good and the bad. We would recall that the recently resigned British Prime Minister, Camron described Nigeria as a fantastically corrupt country; worse still when the incumbent President Buhari could not defend this statement with any counter-perspective.

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Drawing from the above, Peter Obi admits that criminality is now celebrated instead of being rooted out. He says out of sycophancy, the people glorify leaders who steal from them instead of reporting to the law and insisting that justice is served.

“We are in a case where lunatics have taken over the asylum, and we must do something about it.”

“I usually tell people to question their commitment. We vote in people who don’t have any car or house, but six months later they invite us for house warming. They tell us of their new cars. Instead of us to report them to the police, we will be busy dancing.”

“Everyone is guilty of this. I have been in a church where a man stole money, and the bishop said wherever he got it from, may it multiply, but the man is a thief, so he should be arrested. It cannot multiply because he is stealing our money.”

“Ask your local government chairman what he does with the money he gets, ask questions. If they said they build roads, go and check. Take back your country.”

In his speech, he accused Nigerian leaders of extravagance; saying it is the major cause of poverty in the nation. For instance he says,

“It costs an average of N2 billion to run the office of the First Lady in every state in Nigeria. Multiply by 36.”

On that note Peter revealed that he saved and handed over $155.4 million at the end of his tenure on March 17, 2014.

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