Phil Keating – Biography, Is He Married, Who is The Wife? Here Are Facts

Over the last three decades, Phil Keating has made a name for himself in the American broadcast industry. The Fox News personality commenced his career on a humble note in the 90s. He worked for various local TV stations as a reporter on general human interest stories. This lasted until 2004 when he joined the Fox News Network as a correspondent. At Fox, he has reported on several breaking news stories and contributed to various programmes. Find out more about Phil Keating here including his love life and much more.

Phil Keating Biography

Phil Keating was born on the 11th of April 1968 in St Louis Missouri. His father’s name is Dave Keating while his mother’s name is Donna. His dad was a member of the U.S. Army and was in fact stationed in Vietnam when Phil was born. He only got to see his newborn son nine months after birth. Due to the nature of his father’s work, Phil Keating had the life of a regular military brat. He grew up in various parts of the world including Germany.

While growing up, Keating did not aspire to be a journalist. Rather, he wanted to become a great movie director. However, his dreams took a different turn in school. While in high school, he was tasked with the job of making morning announcements using the school’s public address system. He proved to be a natural at this task and soon earned the nickname of Friday Fanatic. His accurate and eloquent delivery won him praise from his teachers and they encouraged him to pursue a career in that direction. He heeded their advice and enrolled at the University of Missouri Colombia where he studied Broadcast Journalism.

Phil Keating commenced his career in the early 90s, working as a reporter and news producer for different TV stations. They include local stations in places such as Macon (Georgia), Denver (Colorado), Columbus (Ohio), Spokane (Washington) and St Louis (Missouri).

All of Keating’s hard work paid off when he was made an anchor-man at KDVR. KDVR Channel 31 is a Fox-affiliated TV station located in Denver, Colorado. While at KDVR, Keating became a local celebrity of sorts. This was due to his charisma, well-coiffed good looks, and charming personality. He was also renowned for his fun and generous nature as well as his professionalism.

Additionally, he endeared himself to viewers with his ability to hit at the heart of the matter without much artifice. It was therefore not surprising when Fox tapped him to join their national network in 2004. He first worked as a correspondent reporting from the Dallas Bureau before being moved to the Miami Bureau. In the course of his career at Fox, Phil Keating has broken several news stories including the death of model and actress, Anna Nicole Smith.

Smith had earlier made the news for her long legal battle in order to get a share of her late husband’s estate. She had gotten married to billionaire Howard Marshall in 1994. She was 27 at the time while he was 89. The circumstances made many to conclude that she only married him for money. Marshall later died without leaving Smith anything in his will, hence the protracted legal battle. The lady eventually died of a drug overdose in 2007.

Phil Keating
Keating with his colleagues, Josh Ratliff & Camille Key: image source

Aside from breaking news stories, Keating also covers the activities of NASA for Fox News. Phil Keating is also a budding filmmaker. He has never let go of that childhood aspiration of being a filmmaker. In his spare time, he uses his super camera 8 to shoot short films. One of such films is titled Love in Denver. The film explores the definition of love from a socio-political approach.

Is He Married, Who Is The Wife?

Phil Keating has never been married. However, it is safe to assume that he must have had his share of romantic relationships. This is because while he was stationed in Denver, he established a reputation as the party boy. One of Keating’s known relationship was with a lady named Lissette Gonzalez. This was back in 2011. They even got engaged and were scheduled to get married. However, the relationship never made it to the altar.

Since that relationship, Keating has not been romantically linked with another lady. This means that he is single. It can also mean that he is in a relationship but is keeping it under the wraps. With regard to kids, there is no indication that the TV personality has any kids.

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Phil Keating is 5 feet 9 inches tall (1.75 m). Other additional measurements such as weight, chest size, bicep size, and waist size are not publicly available. He, however, has light brown hair and light brown eyes. There is no doubt that Keating’s good looks, combined with his professionalism, has helped to further his career.

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