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Philip DeFranco is an online media personality that saw what YouTube could offer and grabbed it. Even though it may have been a bumpy ride for him, he still managed to find his niche and grow his platform. Although most YouTube personalities that are making it big on the platform usually focus on comedy skits like Lilly Singh, vlogs like David Dobrik or even cooking like Hannah Hart, it is very impressive to see Philip DeFranco focus in a not-so-popular niche in YouTube and still pull the numbers. This article attempts to explore the early life, family, YouTube career and personal life of this YouTube sensation. Keep reading to learn all of that!

Who is Philip DeFranco the American YouTuber?

Unknown to many, he was born as Philip James Franchini Jr. He was born on the 1st of December, 1985 in New York City, New York. Regarding his education, it appears Philip DeFranco has received quite a lot of it although he doesn’t appear interested in academics. He has attended multiple colleges including the East Carolina University and The Ashville-Buncombe Technical Community College. According to reports, he never finished his education at any of these schools. It’s not known why DeFranco didn’t finish from any of the schools he attended as he hasn’t stated any reason(s) why.

By 2007, Philip DeFranco had decided to pursue a career in the media and started making videos while also working as a waiter in multiple restaurants in Georgia. Things were a bit rough for him as he reportedly lived in a car before deciding to live with his father in Tampa, Florida. His father had told him that he would have to go back and complete college if he wanted to live with him. Although Philip had agreed to this condition, he did not return to college.

Philip DeFranco’s career began while he was still studying at East Carolina University. He created a YouTube channel which he had called “The Philip DeFranco Show” where he talked about things that interested him. It appears building up his brand was rather difficult for this ambitious young lad as he frequently ran out of money and would resort to asking his viewers for funds. He had to sell everything he owned except for his camera, clothes, and Mac just so he could afford to sleep in hotels as sometimes, he was too scared to spend the night in his car in Brooklyn.

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2007 marked an important year for this YouTuber. First, because he opened a second YouTube channel called “PhilipDeFranco” where he uploads special vlogs that he calls “The Vloggity.” Secondly, it was the year he carried out a social experiment that launched him into fame. The experiment involved him uploading a video which he had titled “Big Boobs and You.” When viewers clicked the video, it flashed an image of boobs for a few seconds. the rest of the video was him just talking. This easily became his biggest video at that time as it quickly hit 1.8 million views. After that, Philip DeFranco tailored his content to include sex and news.

Philip DeFranco has been a recipient of multiple awards including the Sexiest Geek Award by Wired Magazine, a Streamy Award in 2013 for Audience Choice for Best Series of The Year, a Streamy Award in 2014 for Audience Choice for Best Show of the Year, 2 Streamy awards in 2016 for Best News and Culture Series and Audience Choice for Best Show of the Year, and a Streamy Award in 2018 for Best News and Culture Series.

Philip DeFranco suffers from Polycystic Kidney disease which he inherited from his paternal lineage.

Who Are His Family?

Philip DeFranco
Philip with wife and son

Philip DeFranco has stated in the past that he was raised in a Roman Catholic home. He was born to Philip DeFranco Sr, but his mother’s name is unknown. Further details on his family are unavailable because he doesn’t talk much about his family. However, we do know that he has a stepmother who works at a car dealership.

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This successful YouTuber is off the market and has been for a while now as he got married to Lindsay Doty who is a travel vlogger in March 2015. Together, they have two sons; Philip ‘Trey’ DeFranco III born in 2014 and Carter William DeFranco born in 2017.

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