Philip DeFranco’s Net Worth: How Much Does He Make From YouTube?

Since the rise of the internet, making money has become a much easier venture and with avenues like YouTube that runs the AdSense money-making platform, getting rich from the video-sharing has become much easier over time. Philip DeFranco’s net worth is clear evidence of this fact. He is one of the most recognizable faces in the vlogging industry but the fame and visibility he has is just a minuscule part of the success he has attained. DeFranco has been vlogging for more than a decade, a timeframe he has maximized into building a media empire.

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How Much Does Philip DeFranco Make From YouTube?

Philip DeFranco’s career as a vlogger on YouTube began in 2006, after many failed attempts at getting a degree. His first attempt was with the creation of The Philip DeFranco Show which was a YouTube news channel that focused on pop culture and topics of interest to him. When he started vlogging, the option to make money from YouTube was not yet put in place and he decided to ask his viewers to crowdfund on his behalf. This was one of the first ways he made money from YouTube.

His earliest videos did not have high viewership ratings until DeFranco tricked people into watching a video by using a thumbnail of big breasts while naming the video, “Big Boobs and You”. That video earned him over a million views and this was the first time he would experience that. After the success he had with the experiment, he changed the tone of the discussions on The Philip DeFranco Show to include sex, news, and gossip on celebrities.

But this was just the beginning for him;Philip DeFranco started to branch out into other vlogging ventures, one of which was the channel SourceFed. This channel was based on The Philip DeFranco Show but he was not the only one who appeared in his videos, as he employed a team of people who dealt with different aspects of the channel, including hosting, production and editing of the videos.

With SourceFed, he was able to create more shows and spinoffs. This channel was created on the 23rd of January 2012, but it only began operations later in that year. When SourceFed started, the episodes were for 20 minutes or less which was for the news segment. In the same month that they began operations, five other shows were added to the channel’s line up they were; Curb Crash The New Movie Thing Show, Bloopers, Comment Commentary, and DeFranco Inc.: Behind the Scenes. These additions meant the time slot was increased.

Over the years, this vlogger has made differing comments on his source of wealth and how frequently he makes money. However, despite his changing comments, it is clear that he makes money from the views he gets from his videos. DeFranco joined YouTube in 2006 and in that time, he has amassed over six million subscribers to his channels and more than two billion views.

Doing a daily count, the views he gets on one of his channels on a daily basis sometimes get to 800,000 and with this number, he is able to generate $3,200 everyday. But this is not the only way he makes money from YouTube, brands who want information about their products to have a wide reach contact people like Philip DeFranco to advertise their products on his videos which he does for a fee.

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Philip DeFranco’s Net Worth

Philip DeFranco is one of the people who have been using YouTube for the longest time, with his career as a vlogger that has lasted for over a decade. Although he has amassed a lot of views and large followership, he was not always making money from YouTube as they only started their pay per view program years after he had started vlogging. However, he has been able to build a fortune with the work with does, and he has a net worth of $6 million.

This wealth he has built for himself is not just from his career on YouTube. Like most people in the vlogging industry, Philip DeFranco has a merchandise line. His merchandise line features, shorts for women and men, sneakers, shirts and stockings. The line is called let’s jump into it and the prices on his products range between $20 and $50.

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