Philip Kinisu

Philip Kinisu was known in Kenya as being dedicated to the fight against corruption which became especially necessary after the country’s judiciary was implicated in a corruption scandal earlier this year and the country’s chief justice was then named in the Panama Papers.

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As the chairman of Kenya’s Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), Philip Kinisu was in the right position to attack corruption in its many facets, he has however resigned his position following accusations of corruption centeres around a personal family business.

He left the post after revelations that his family business had allegedly received lucrative tenders from a ministry implicated in graft. Members of parliament are currently in preparation to investigate the claims made which link him to a scandal at Kenya’s National Youth Service. Also his company, Esaki Limited, had won lucrative tenders from the Devolution and Planning Ministry.

Philip Kinisu

Kinisu said he resigned from Esaki Limited in 2008, but company records list him as a director as recently as June and media in Kenya had received leaks that the company had business transactions with the Devolution and Planning Ministry months after his appointment as EACC chairman.

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Philip Kinisu may have resigned but he still maintains his innocence releasing a statement on Wednesday part of which has him saying;

“I maintain that the company and I are innocent of the allegations that have been made.

“At the same time, significant resources and attention are being expended by the state and public on deliberating these matters instead of fighting corruption.”

Executive director of the Kenyan chapter of global anti-corruption watchdog, Transparency International, Samuel Kimeu, which ranks Kenya among the most corrupt countries in the world (139 out of 167) states that the resignation bodes well for the ethics commission and the country.

Philip Kinisu

As it stands now; a report by Parliament’s Legal and Justice Committee has recommended that the president form a tribunal to investigate Philip Kinisu, the police has not charged him with any crime and his resignation could allow him to actually avoid any probe.