Everything You Should Know About Philip Rucker’s Career Success and Why Many Think He Is Gay

Philip Rucker has been hailed as one of Washington D.C.’s most respected journalists and the reason is not hard to see. In a career spanning two decades and entirely spent with The Washington Post, the reporter has crisscrossed the length and breadth of America, bringing stories on local politics, philanthropy, and suburban news to the people. Back in Washington, the Yale alum has covered several important aspects of the nation’s governance including Congress and the White House.

Rucker’s amazing resilience and dedication to his stories have fetched him several awards including the prestigious Pulitzer Prize. He has also been recognized as a distinguished alumnus by his high school and has been tapped to serve as an analyst on several networks including NBC News, MSNBC, and PBS (Charlie Rose Show and Washington Week).

Philip Rucker Went Straight From College To The Washington Post

Philip Rucker’s first experience with journalism occurred while he was a student at Yale University and worked as an editor as well as a reporter for Yale Daily News. He also interned at The Washington Post, which is one of the most popular and most widely read newspapers in the United States, in his penultimate year of college. Upon graduation, Rucker was officially employed by The Washington Post and made the newspaper’s reporter for the metro area sometime in 2006. He worked in this position until 2007 when he began working as the Maryland political reporter. The Yale alum spent about a year covering Maryland state politics until April 2008.

Later in 2008, Rucker was appointed the National Political Reporter and he carried out his duties with dedication and hard work. He spent two years in this position until he was promoted to the post of Congressional Correspondent. Eventually, Rucker was appointed as a reporter in the White House. His big break came in 2014 when he was appointed the White House Bureau Chief during the administration of Barack Obama. Unsurprisingly, for his distinguished career, he has received several accolades and awards.

Philip Rucker
Rucker with other recipients of the 2017 George R. Ford Journalism Prize: Image Source

His Position As The Washington Post’s White House Bureau Chief Has Seen Him Clash With President Trump

Since making a berth at the White House, Philip Rucker has covered several notable events including Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in 2012, the midterm elections in 2014, as well as President Obama’s second term in office. The Yale alum also chronicled the Republican Party’s rise to power in congress, the emergence of the Tea Party (a fiscally conservative branch of the Republican Party) as well as Donald Trump’s successful presidential campaign in 2016.

With Donald Trump as president, Rucker has not let his feet off the gas but is right there to chronicle the Trump tenure for the people. This fact has endeared him to many viewers as a trusted and credible news source. It has also put him at crosshairs with the commander-in-chief himself. For instance, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Trump administration task force organized daily briefings to update the American people on the status quo. During a briefing on the 23rd of April 2020, the president highlighted some rumors that the coronavirus was susceptible to sunlight and humidity. Rucker did not let this go unchallenged and reminded the president that places with warmer climates, such as Florida and Singapore, had high death counts. He also stressed the fact that many were tuning into these briefings to get information and guidance and not mere rumors.

Trump did not take this lying low and referred to Rucker as a “faker” and “fake news”. He then stated that he was only repeating a suggestion from ‘a very, very smart man’ and that his duty was to just present ideas. Throughout it all, Rucker maintained his composure and remained calm.

The Reporter Co-Authored The Bestselling Book – ‘A Very Stable Genius’

Philip Rucker can now add author to his resume after co-writing the 2020 bestseller, A Very Stable Genius, with a colleague, Carol Leoning (a national investigative reporter for the Washington Post). The book is an in-depth portrait of the first three years of the Trump presidency. It captures scenes from places where critical decisions, of national security, foreign policy, and politics, are taken such as the Oval Office and aboard Airforce One.

In penning the book, Rucker and Leoning interviewed about two hundred witnesses including administration officials, presidential advisers, friends, and more. What they uncovered was a president who views himself as a game-day player and often takes decisions based on his gut rather than facts. He is also not above isolating anybody who wants to counsel him.

A Very Stable Genius attracted a lot of coverage upon its release. Its authors were interviewed at several forums and it rose to the top of the New York Times bestsellers list.

Rucker Received The Pulitzer Prize For National Reporting In 2018

Philip Rucker has received several accolades in the course of his career including the 2017 George R. Ford Journalism Prize. This was in recognition of his distinguished reporting on the Trump presidency. 2018 was also a particularly exceptional year for the Yale alum as he received several prizes including the George Polk Award, the Sigma Delta Chi Award, as well as the Pulitzer Prize for national reporting. All of these was in recognition of his excellent coverage of the allegations of Russian interference into the 2016 presidential election; the FBI and congressional investigations which followed; the months-long Mueller probe; the indictment and imposition of sanctions on dozens of Russian officials; as well as the eventual exoneration of the president.

Rucker was also honored by his alma mater (St. Andrew’s School) with a Distinguished Alumni Award in 2017; the occasion was a poignant one given that he had graduated as valedictorian for his high school class.

Rucker’s Apparent Lack Of A Love Life Has Led To Rumours Of Being Gay

While the details of Philip Rucker’s professional life is well known to the public, the same cannot be said of his personal life. Not much is known about the highly respected journalist’s personal life. This has made his sexual orientation a subject of many speculations over the years. What is known for certain, however, is the fact that he is not married.

Several allegations have surfaced that Rucker is gay, and many people have used his apparent lack of a love life as well as unwillingness to start a family as justification for this rumor, but none of the claims have been confirmed. For all we know, the Pulitzer winner could just be waiting to find the right person.

Beyond his lackluster love life, Philip Rucker seems to drink, sleep, and eat politics. An examination of his Twitter account, where he has over 250K followers, would show that he mainly uses it to share his thoughts and analysis of political matters in the country.

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