Phindile Gwala Bio: Truth About the Age and Life of Armando Ngandu’s Wife

Phindile Gwala (born December 1986) is a South African actress who rose to fame as Nonny Nkosi, the vivacious receptionist in the SABC 2 soap opera, Muvhango. The 37-year-old KZN native has become one of the most-watched actresses in the SA space, with many movies and television roles under her belt.

Besides the movies, the actress also created a niche for herself in the business world and is making social media waves. Phindile Gwala has been married twice, but the actress’s first marriage ended in tragedy when her husband lost his life in a tragic accident. She is enjoying her second marriage to Armando Ngandu – a model and businessman from Congo.

Phindile Gwala’s Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Phindile Gwala-Ngandu
  • Nickname: Nonny Nkosi
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: December 1986
  • Phindile Gwala’s Age: 37 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: Zulu
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Phindile Gwala’s Husband: Armando Ngandu
  • Phindile Gwala’s Children: Thato
  • Phindile Gwala’s Sibling: Belinda
  • Famous For: Acting in Muvhango
  • Phindile Gwala’s Instagram: @phindilegwala_official
  • Facebook: Phindile Gwala – Nonny

Phindile Gwala Was Born in Eshowe, KwaZulu Natal in South Africa

Phindile Gwala was born in December 1986 and the records captured her place of birth to be Eshowe, KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. Nothing much is known about her background except that the actress grew up in the place of her birth which was in fact a very small village with little or no opportunities. Consequently, Phindile never had access to the needed exposure to achieve her dreams. However, she later left Eshowe, moving up to Joburg in pursuit of her big dreams.

The identity of her parents has never been revealed, but the only info about Gwala’s family members is that her parents are staunch Christians who are also ministers in the church. We get to see glimpses of the actress’ parents via her social media handles; there was one in which they visited their daughter in her place of work and another where they were seen blessing her new home. It is obvious that she has very supportive parents who love to share in their daughter’s success. Obviously, Phindile is not an only child as she has a younger sister who goes by the name Belinda.

Phindile Gwala
Phindile and her parents image source

She is an Alum of South West Gauteng College

Talking about the actress’ educational qualifications and institutions attended, nothing much is known about her early academic history as she attended elementary school in her place of birth. After she finished high school, Phindile Gwala proceeded to Raizcorp where she settled down to study entrepreneurship.

Her N5 business management certificate was achieved from South West Gauteng College and looking at all her qualifications, it is glaring that none has anything to do with acting but that did not stop Phindile from excelling in that field. It is obvious that she has a natural talent for movie and television roles. With that said, we would not be far from the truth to say that the entertainer’s qualifications have something to do with her success in business.

Phindile Gwala Has A Multi-Faceted Career

Phindile Gwala is one South African lady who believes in diversifying her career interests. She gained popularity as an actress but can boast of multiple business interests. Gwala has a palpable interest in social media, and she just ventured into the movie production field with her husband.

Gwala’s Acting Career Takes the Credit For Bringing Her To Pubic Attention

Contrary to what many may think, Gwala’s acting career didn’t start with onscreen roles. A couple of years before she surfaced on the set of Muvhango, the South African lady was already touring different theaters and auditoriums in the country, taking part in arranged plays on stage. Her days in the theaters lasted from 2010 to 2012, and though she enjoyed the accompanying experience, it was not enough to sell her to a wider audience.

Muvhango Marked Her First Onscreen Role

2012 was when she made her on-screen debut on the set of one of South Africa’s most-watched soapies, Muvhango. There, Phindile Gwala was cast as the welcoming and kind receptionist named Nonny Nkosi, and being someone that has always wanted to study psychology, that particular role came naturally to Gwala. Besides, the actress’ bubbly personality aided her performance as a drama queen on set, and needless to say, her presentation of Nonny was highly applauded by the viewing public. In addition, sharing the screen with movie greats like Dingaan Khumalo, Maumela Mahuwa, and Gabriel Temudzani also helped her career in the movies.

It didn’t take the vivacious actress long to build a healthy fan base and when her exit from Muvhango hit the airwaves in 2017, devotees of the Nonny character were quite sad to see her leave.

Talking to the Metro FM’s Fresh Breakfast team, Gwala acknowledged that it was five years well spent but she just had to exit at that point. Quizzed on her reason for leaving the soapie, Phindile explained that she had interests in other things like growing her brand. Her business, the actress said was going to be getting a lion’s share of her attention going forward. Besides, working 12 hours daily in Muvhango allowed her very little time for family and social life. In an interview session with Daily Sun, the Muvhango alum confessed that she was so caught up in the Nonny character that it became difficult to leave it behind after every shoot.

Uzalo and Other Gigs

Following her exit from Muvhango, devotees of the nosy Nonny Nkosi really missed her lively performance and wished she could grace the screen again and that was exactly what happened. The bubbly Phindile Gwala resurfaced in the soapies again, but this time, she joined the cast of Uzalo, one of the country’s chart-topper on the list of popular soap operas. The 15th of November 2019 was when she was first featured on the set, breathing life into the character of Diniwe, MaNgcobo’s cousin.

She later made her movie debut in the film entitled Looking for Love where she starred alongside Celeste Ntuli. Speaking about her movie experience, Gwala revealed that she loves the freedom that acting in the movies and theatres gives her. That way, she will have ample time for family and business.

Apart from the aforementioned, the South African entertainer has been spotted in a couple of other clicks, including the likes of Imbewu and Zaziwa and that may not be the last of her. With this, we can conclude that Gwala has been an actress for close to a decade, but she had to take breaks in between roles to attend to other ventures.

Movie Production is the Latest Addition to her Portfolio

Being part of the movie industry has led Phindile Gwala to widen her horizon in the field. Now, the movie and television actress has completed plans of moving into the movie production field with her husband. They already have a functional studio known as Ngandu Productions which has been registered. According to the celebrity couple, the main focus of Ngandu Productions will be the production of movies, adverts, including media-related roles.

Phindile is a Shrewd Businesswoman

Her business interests are quite many and from what is perceivable, they are doing excellently well.

1. Thatowner Solutions Company

After exiting from her Nonny Nkosi role on Muvhango, Phindile Gwala set to work in the ensuing months, building her brand. The actress has always had interests in the catering field, thus she ventured fully into it, launching the company Thatowner Solutions company. The major focus of the catering firm includes event management, property business, and communications.

The event management arm of the business is involved in organizing and cooking for weddings, events, occasions, government meetings, and many other functions. Her company takes the credit for doing the Miss Icora FM occasion for three years in 2008, 2009, and 2010. Phindile is also the owner of an establishment known as Owner Foundation – this was what she leveraged to compose the “Mother and Daughter Gala” supper that lasted from 2007 to 2012. Gwala has functioned as MC on several occasions, she has displayed competence as a motivational speaker and the persuasive orator is also a known public speaker.

The real estate arm of Thatowner Solutions company excels in leasing and renting apartments, property renovations, and redesigns. What’s more, they are also experts in the buying and selling of real estate.

2. Lotha’s Vehicle Wash and Shinsa Nyama

Even before they took the conscious decision to tie the nuptial knot, Phindile Gwala and her boyfriend turned husband, Armando Ngandu, were already doing business together. It was while they were still dating that celebrity duo conceptualized their Lotha’s Vehicle Wash and Shinsa Nyama business which they proceeded to open in Wynberg, Johannesburg. Interesting to know that the name Lotha was coined by the couple from the names of their daughters Lola and Thato.

The business that was opened during their dating days is still going strong, and finally tying the knot has made it stronger. The couple has proved to be competent in handling their affairs – while Gwala focuses on Thatowner Solutions, Armando is taking charge of Lotha’s Vehicle Wash and Shinsa Nyama.

Phindile is one actress that does not live a fake life, every single detail about her life is real and she enjoys it to the fullest. According to the South African actress, there is nothing fake or dull about her and all her successes so far are a result of diligence. She serves as an inspiration to millions of women in South Africa who are uncertain on what career path to choose; Gwala encourages women in this category to practice aggressiveness.

Social Media

In the same way as every other celebrity of a similar ilk, becoming an actress made Phindile Gwala more visible on social media. Her Facebook page is bursting with activities with over 230k followers and still counting. The SA entertainer leverages Facebook to share info about her husband, parents, kids, and social life. We have also witnessed several videos where the actress was seen twerking and dancing for Armando. Her Facebook page also comes in handy for advertising all her business interests and she also uses it in updating fans about her moves.

While Gwala’s Facebook page is booming, her Instagram official handle is doing a whole lot better @phindilegwala_official. The type of posts she shares on her Insta Stories include secrets to her superb body build, videos and pictures of her curvaceous body, her life, and current endeavors. What’s more, Phindile’s IG handle is where she shared adorable couple pictures with her spouse Armando Ngandu flaunting his abs while the celebrity duo was on vacation.

Gwala Has Been Married Twice

The SA entertained has been married a couple of times; her first union ended after she lost her husband to a road accident and her second marriage is still going strong.

Phindile Gwala Was Already Part of Muvhango When she Met Armando Ngandu

Phindile Gwala
Phindile and her husband Armando image source

By the time Phindile Gwala’s path crossed with Armando Ngandu, Gwala was already part of the cast of Muvhango and Ngandu was working as a model. It happened on a fateful day in Rosebank, Johannesburg, precisely at the parking lot of one of the nightclubs in the area. Armando who confessed to being bowled over by Phindile’s beauty tried his utmost to get her mobile number to no avail. Even after he followed her to her car, the actress still didn’t bulge. Talking about the incident later, she said she couldn’t take any chances as several men got interested in her fame after she started acting in Muvhango, thus, it was hard to know who is genuine and who is not

However, Armando was different as he wasn’t previously aware of her celebrity status. He already gave up hope of seeing Gwala again after failing to get her number. However, on learning that she was an actress by profession and appears on Muvhango, Ngandu rushed to look her up on social media and that was how he got her contact. From then, everything fell into line very fast and they became a hot item in just two weeks. Within one month, Gwala came to view her boyfriend as Godsent when she found out how genuine, kind, and loving he was. She said her mind was put at ease when it dawned on her that he was the one. The feeling was unexplainable like her soul was rising, the actress said.

Compared to other guys who went after Phindile Gwala solely because they wanted to be associated with celebrities, Phindile said Armando didn’t even care about her celebrity status. The model who also came from a religious background saw Gwala as a blessing and had no plans of letting her go. Consequently, Armando wasted no time in planning his proposal which he really made special.

Completely unaware of his plans, Gwala joined her boyfriend at the Pappas on the Square eatery in Sandton and when she heard he bought her a gift, she was expecting an earring or a wristwatch. Phindile couldn’t resist the tears that continuously rolled down her cheeks after her boyfriend went down on bended knees and placed an engagement ring on her finger while the entire restaurant looked on. The moment was just too emotional, the actress confessed.

The Celebrity Duo Got Married In 2018

After their engagement became official, Armando didn’t let the grass grow under his feet in proceeding with the payment of Lobola. Phindile said she was even a bit skeptical, asking whether he was sure as they have only been dating for two years. However, Armando said it was love at the first sight for him as he was instantly hooked. Confessing he had been in love before, the Congolese native said loving Gwala was totally different.

Following the payment of lobola, the couple was finally united on the Christmas Day of 2018 in a traditional wedding ceremony. It was a private affair with few family and friends in attendance. From what is perceivable, the couple seems to be satisfied with doing things the traditional way as they never had a white wedding to date.

Going by their conduct, it is glaring that the lovebirds are still going strong to date. In fact, they are counted among Mzansi’s adored couples. According to Phindile Gwala and Armando Ngandu, having children together is currently not on the card for them, but it is not completely ruled out for the future.

They just love to enjoy themselves and don’t hesitate to share their daily life with fans on social media. Gwala shared an adorable video of the two dressed in matching black-colored tights by their swimming pool while Phindile was twerking for her husband. Armando also shared the same video on his own page calling Gwala his “Crush Every Day”.

Though Armando and Gwala try to disregard what people say about their union, the actress said she feels bad about the comments people constantly drop on her social media handles. Many have asked how she decided to pitch her tent with a foreigner, leaving thousands of eligible South African men. Some even threatened to bring back xenophobia for her sake.

According to Phindile, the hurt she used to feel from all the harsh comments began to lessen after she concluded that it was just plain jealousy. Describing the love she feels for Armando, Gwala said it is her first time experiencing this kind of love and trust; her husband doesn’t call to check who she is with and what she is doing, rather he calls because he misses her. Going further, Phindile said she doesn’t stress since she met Armando, he is her other half, her twin, and she trusts him.

Armando Ngandu Is A Congolese Model and Businessman

Armando Ngandu is from the DR Republic of Congo. He is a model and businessman who moved to South Africa in search of greener pastures. According to Armando, who could barely utter words in English on his arrival in SA, life was too tough initially, and even his parents found his traveling out hard to accept but he succeeded in convincing them.

Back home, Armando studied IT and had experience in the restaurant business. He knew a bit about food and running a club through his past experience as a host, barman, and waiter. It was his brother, Jason Ngandu, who is also resident in SA that introduced him to modeling, and Armando is currently doing well in that field, signed to the likes of Boss Models.

Besides, the Congolese have walked the ramp at the South African Fashion Week among other things. Armando laughed as he recalls getting a whooping R50,000 paycheque at the age of 18 and receiving such a huge amount blew his mind so much that he blew the money. However, he now knows exactly how to manage his money.

Apart from modeling, Armando is also a shrewd businessman with quite a good number of business concerns under his belt.

Phindile Gwala Lost Her First Husband To Automobile Accident

As earlier mentioned, Phindile Gwala’s marriage to Armando was far from her first. The South African actress was previously married but the details of her first marriage never made it to the public arena. Perhaps it was because she had not attained her present level of fame then. While her husband’s identity was never revealed, it is common knowledge that the man lost his life in a fatal road accident.

When they got married and how many years their union lasted was never mentioned, however, Gwala and her first husband were already parents to a baby girl before his demise. The actress’ only daughter and child, Thato Gwala, came into the world on the 15th of May 2007 and was just a baby when her dad died.

Armando Relates Well with Phindile’s Daughter

Armando and Phindile’s daughter got on like a house on fire after they were introduced. According to the South African actress, she had always avoided introducing her daughter to any of the guys she dated so as not to confuse the little girl. However, after Armando popped the big question, she couldn’t wait to tell her 11-year-old daughter about it and when she eventually brought her home for introduction, both of them hit it off. Once Thato perceived that her mum really loved Armando, she wholeheartedly embraced him and even started calling him dad.

Armando is also father to one daughter Lola from a previous relationship; the Congolese model says he is at home with fatherhood as it is something that comes naturally to him.

Her Past Relationships

Apart from her first and second husbands, Phindile Gwala recorded other relationships but these were conducted away from the public space. However, an inkling of the actress’ personal life after she became a widow sieved out to the public when she told a tale of her ex-boyfriend who was quick to accuse her of faking whenever she breaks down in tears.

According to Gwala, the man would be the one to hurt her feelings and she was not even allowed to cry. Eventually, that kind of treatment made it hard for Phindile to give voice to her feelings in a relationship as those men only saw a celeb and not a flesh and blood woman that needs love. This, she said put her off relationships for a long time until Armando came to the rescue.


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