Photos Speak: All The Beautiful West African Capitals

West Africa, as its name implies is found on the western part of the African continent.

It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and Sahara Desert. The region consists of 18 countries, including two islands; Cape Verde and Saint Helena, an overseas territory.

West African citizens share similar cultural attributes. From the similarities in some traditional dressings to the food eaten in these countries and even languages.

West African countries can be classified linguistically into the English-speaking, the French-speaking and Portuguese-speaking.

These categories owe to the ‘scramble for Africa’ era which saw various European countries seek to expand their empires. West Africa was dominantly colonized by France and Great Britain. Liberia was the only country which wasn’t subject to European colonialism. 

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The region also shares an economic bloc, the Economic Community Of West African States, otherwise known as ECOWAS. The bloc consists of 15 countries. The other west African countries which are not members of the bloc are; Mauritania (withdrew in 2000), São Tomé, and Saint Helena which is a British overseas territory in western Africa.

There are however other countries in the region which do not politically classify as ‘West African’. Those countries are; western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

These countries are classified as Northern African countries and have more in common with other Northern African countries than the West African countries.

Below are all the west African capitals — the government seat of the countries.

Porto Novo – Benin

Ouagadougou – Burkina Faso

Praia – Cape Verde

Banjul – Gambia

Accra – Ghana

Conakry – Guinea

Bissau – Guinea Bissau

Yamoussoukro – Ivory Coast

Monrovia – Liberia

Bamako – Mali

Nouakchott – Mauritania

Niamey – Niger

Abuja – Nigeria

Jamestown – Saint Helena

Dakar – Senegal

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Freetown – Sierra Leone

São Tomé – São Tomé and Principe

Lome – Togo