Polish Athlete Sold His Olympic Medal To Help A Cancer Patient

Piotr Malachowski is a Polish Olympian who happens to be one of the world’s best discus throwers . The two-time Olympic medallist has auctioned his silver medal to save a boy who was diagnosed with cancer.

Piotr Malachowski who won a silver medal both at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the Rio 2016 Olympics has a sordid record in discus throwing. He is also the owner of the fifth longest discus throw: 71.84 meters!

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After Malachowski’s final throw in Rio, he was flooded with well-wishes and congratulations from his fans. However, one of the congratulatory messages stood out to him,  a letter from a woman called Goshia.

Goshia’s son, Olek was suffering from a rare kind of cancer called retinoblastoma; a cancer of the eye. Olek needed to go to New York for a treatment by a top Ophthalmologist but could not do so due to lack of funds.

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Malachowski thought it to be fate and decided to help the woman and her son. An organization called Siepomaga had raised some money but still had a long way to go.

Malachowski, therefore, put up his most recent medal up for sale. On his facebook page, he said:

“In Rio I fought for gold,” he wrote. “Today I call on all people — let us fight together for something that is even more valuable. For the health of this fantastic boy.”

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In just a few days, some rich folk made Malachowski a big offer for an undisclosed amount. Although he didn’t state the full amount, he, however, added that it was enough to cover Olek’s surgery costs.
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“Thank you, everyone, who took part in the auction,” he wrote. “We were able to show that together we can make miracles. My silver medal today is worth much more than a week ago.”

Although he no longer in possession of his most recent medal, Piotr Malachowski will forever be remembered a champion for this selfless act.