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Pip Torrens is an English actor with an acting career that spans over three decades with several of his appearances happening both in movies and in television series. He is best known for his portrayal of Tommy Lascelles in the Netflix historical drama The Crown. This role has seen him become a nominated actor in the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Though a lot is already known about his career, a lot of information is still missing as it pertains to his personal life being that he is a private person. Here we will delve into facts you hitherto knew about him. First, let’s have a recap of who the actor is.

Who Exactly is Pip Torrens?

Pip Torrens’ full name is Philip Dean Torrens, he was born on the 2nd of June, 1960. Pip is from Bromley, Kent in England. Growing up, he attended Bloxham School in Oxfordshire, London and then studied English Literature at Trinity College, Cambridge. After graduating from Trinity, Torrens went on to study at Drama Studio London in 1982, his stay there lasted for a year.

The Britton began his acting career in 1984, starring in the comedy-drama sports movie Oxford Blues. Pip then earned roles in Lady Jane, A Handful of Dust, Mountains of the Moon and other movies before getting a role in the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies (1997). In the 2015 movie adaptation of Jane Austen’s well-received novel Pride & Prejudice, Pip Torrens played the Netherfield Butler.

A lot of things are unknown about Torrens, as he is a very private person. Besides his acting skills and the roles he takes in the various film productions he’s appeared in, Pip has been known to keep a tight lip on his personal life. Details about his family are scarce, and there are speculations about his sexuality. This is because Torrens is usually seen alone at events, mostly mingling with friends and leaving it at that. There are no current news on if he has a spouse, or if he’s in a relationship.

Here are 5 Facts You Must Know About Him

1. His Name and its Meaning

Pip Torrens’ actual name is Philip, which originates from the Greek name Philippos. Philippos roughly translates to ‘Lover of Horses.’ The name is a combination of two separate parts; the first part being Philos and the second part Hippos. Philos means love, as in the love for a friend or companion, and hippos translate to a horse. To just about anyone, Philos would be easily recognizable in a word like Philosophy, which translates to ‘love of wisdom’.

2. Appearances in Ian Fleming’s Biopics

Ian Fleming is known as the creator of James Bond, the MI6 secret agent that is tasked with saving the world on most occasions. For those unfamiliar with who Ian Fleming is, he was a naval intelligence officer during World War II. It was in the war that he met people that inspired him to create James Bond.

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Both biopics focus on this part of the man’s life, which should come as no surprise seeing as it was a monumental part of his life. It is worth noting that Pip Torrens does not play the same character in Ian Fleming: Bondmaker (the first, 2005) and Fleming (the second, 2014)

Pip Torrens and Preacher co-star Ian Colletti
Pip Torrens and Preacher co-star Ian Colletti (image source)

Some of his other notable characters in films include his portrayal of Colonel Hampton in The Mark of Cain (2007), Major Tompkins in War Horse (2009), Colonel Kaplan in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015). On TV series, he is noted for playing Sam French in Broken News (2005), Olympius in Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire, and Herr Starr in Preacher (2017) where he acted alongside Ian Colletti.

3. Nominations and Awards

The Iron Lady, My Week with Marilyn, Pride & Prejudice, and Anna Karenina are some of the movies Pip Torrens has starred in. These movies gained nominations with some winning awards in the categories they were placed in. Pip’s roles in these movies have helped to bolster his popularity and gained him several loyal fans that are happy to watch his performance on screen.

4. Net Worth

His net worth is estimated at $2million, amassed from over 100 film productions he has appeared in. With his stellar performances and nominations, it’s no wonder Torrens has been able to amass the net worth that he currently enjoys.

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5. Simulated Patient

Not only does Pip Torrens have an acting career in the film and television industry, in addition, he also helps the medical world in the United Kingdom by playing a simulated patient in medical schools. A simulated patient is a person that has been trained to emulate the symptoms and problems that a real patient might have, hence making them useful for educating medical students on things to look out for as well as evaluating the students’ progress in their studies.

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Quick Facts About Pip Torrens

Full Name  – Philip Dean Torrens

Date of Birth – 2nd of June, 1960

Place of Birth – Bromley, Kent, England

Nationality – British

Education – Bloxham School in Oxfordshire, London, and Trinity College, Cambridge

Occupation – Acting (1984–present)

Net Worth – $2 million (estimate)

Marital Status – Single

Height – 6feet 1inch or 1.85m

Weight – 143lbs or 65kg

Eye color – Blue

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