pirates in Nigeria

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission of Nigeria has been increasingly empowered and active since incumbent President, Muhammadu Buhari came into power.

Along with taking down corrupt leaders and putting a microscope on any suspicious transactions, they are about to add fighting pirates in Nigeria to their agenda.

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One may ask why pirates in Nigeria should concern the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, but EFCC is not wading into this battle of her own instigation.

The Performing Musicians Employers’ Association of Nigeria (PMAN) made the decision to employ the body in their fight against music piracy in their recently concluded national executive meeting.

The plan was revealed to the media by the PMAN President, Pretty Okafor. Okafor’s PMAN tenure has been dogged with controversy, his position as president having only just last year been upheld by a court of law.

Due to this struggles, the body had been rendered mostly inactive and was shunned by younger acts in the music industry.

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This collaboration is one of the attempts made by Okafor at rebuilding PMAN. Okafor said;

“In keeping with our vision of reforming and repositioning the Nigerian music industry to live up to its billing, a new anti-piracy strategy has been adopted and the national executive committee has approved the synergy between PMAN and the EFCC which shall provide the framework for holistic anti-piracy drive since piracy has been identified as an economic crime not just against the works owner but the nation at large.”

A bar-coding system was also discussed at the meeting, details of which will be made made known to the general public in time. The bar-coding will be done with the Nigerian Copyright Commission and the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture. Okafor again said on this note;

“The compulsory bar-coding of all musical and film works released in Nigeria, shall commence as soon as the ongoing negotiations between PMAN and the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture on the one hand and NCC on the other hand is concluded.”

With both the EFCC and Nigerian Copyright Commission getting in the ring with PMAN to fight corruption, pirates in Nigeria would probably do well to beware.