Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate? Here’s How To Fix

One of the most common problems experienced by many Pokemon Go gamers is the  “Unable to authenticate to Pokémon Go” login error. This issue first surfaced when the iOS 1.0.1 version was updated causing many iOS users to express their frustrations on discussion boards and forums responsible for attending to such errors. When this technical flaw occurred, the servers in the US happened to be down. Nevertheless, the issue was fixed by Niantic Labs after updating it to 1.0.2.

Unfortunately, new complaints have been received especially from gamers who use Google account to sign into Pokémon Go. This is believed to have been caused after the recent update of the software to iOS 0.35. Therefore, no matter what device you use be it an Android or iOS, a Google account or a PTC account, the error bug can definitely be fixed. We have thus put together top problems encountered by Pokemon Go gamers as well as how to fix them. Here they are.

1. “Unable to authenticate” error

Issues have been reported by a number of gamers when they attempt to log into their accounts with their Pokemon Trainer Club login credentials. While some may think that their accounts have been suspended or banned, this may not actually be the case as it could be just a problem of server overload.

Solution- would be to check the status of Pokemon Servers here which is the official site for Pokemon Go troubleshooting. When you have checked to know when the server is up again, you will need to restart the game or simply sign up through a Google account. With the Google account, there have been little reports of any issues as compared to Trainer Club accounts, so that might just be a good bet. Nevertheless, if your account is a Trainer Club account, it is best you reset it first before trying to sign up for a Google account.

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2. Can’t Download Pokemon Go

When you experience a problem downloading the Pokémon Go game to your preferred device, you will need to first confirm the compatibility of your device with the game available in your region. Initially, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Australia, and Portugal were the first countries Pokémon Go was released in.

After the update on the 16th of July, 26 more countries in Europe including; Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, and Switzerland now have access to download the game from App Store or Play Store.

Solution- If you had troubles in the past finding as well as downloading Pokémon Go and you live in any of these above-mentioned countries you can check to see if it now works. Goodluck!

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3.  Pokemon Go “App not installed” error

A lot of people may receive error messages like “App not installed” when trying to install the Pokémon Go APK on their Android devices. When this happens, it usually has to do with a corrupted APK file or one that wasn’t downloaded properly.

Solution- If possible avoid the use of APK as much as you can because the more you use it the more you run the risk of getting banned or downloading malware.

4.“You already own this item” error

Now, this is one of those very frustrating error messages which is quite unique to Android users. It usually surfaces when internet connectivity is lost while purchasing PokeCoins from the designated Pokémon Go shop.

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Solution- The remedy to this is quite easy. From the official Pokemon Go troubleshooting site, we find that all you need to do when such error message pops up is simply to have your device switched off then power it back on. When this is done, all should be back to normal.

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5. “Audio is distorted”

Most Pokemon Go gamers have complained about the game’s sound effects getting distorted or delayed from time to time and this can sure be frustrating especially when the sound helps to make the experience even better.

Solution- Give or take, this is a general issue faced by most Pokémon Go gamers and it usually occurs when users try connecting via Bluetooth audio devices. However, developers are working earnestly to solve this issue.

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