Pokimane Thicc
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Like most social media celebrities in this digital era, Pokimane Thicc is one of those stars who took advantage of the internet to make a name for herself. Given the unlimited potentials which the social media space offers, many people have been instantly propelled to fame just by posting creative online contents. Not only has Pokimane Thicc established herself as a social media icon, the game aficionado also earns a modest financial portfolio from her lucrative career. Here are interesting facts about the beautiful pro gamer, content creator, and vlogger.

Who Is Pokimane Thicc? Age, Real Name, Ethnicity

The popular Morrocan YouTuber and Twitch superstar was born Imane Thicc on May 14, 1996. A multilinguist, Pokimane speaks English, French and Darija (a Moroccan dialect) fluently. Given her roots and how long the Moroccan-born star has lived in the United States, she can safely be regarded as an African-American.

Alongside her brother, Pokimane was first raised in Morocco before her family relocated to the US when she was still quite young. Though there isn’t much information available to the public regarding Pokimane’s early and personal life, we do know that she attended McMaster University, Ontario, Canada, where she graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering.

The multi-talented star was shuttled to fame as a professional gamer and League of Legends champion on social media. Having one of the latest gaming systems, Imane has also conquered other challenging game worlds including Grand Theft Auto, Unreal Tournaments and World of Warcraft among others.

Pokimane was first introduced to the social media scene by streaming video games via her YouTube account. Encouraged by the instant success on the platform, she progressed to uploading similar contents on Twitch. But Pokimane is not just known as a game player, she has also won many hearts with her lively personality and comic videos.

With her great sense of humour and comic stories, she has not only amassed a huge fan base for herself on social media but also earns serious cash from her career. With her user-friendly channels and engaging contents, Thicc continues to make a modest financial portfolio from social media.

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Besides the cash she makes from her videos, brand promotions, and endorsements, Pokimane has other sources of income. She is also involved in lucrative ventures such as an online store where she sells both male and female wears.

Her Boyfriend

A star who prefers to wear her fame very lightly, Pokimane loves to keep details of her personal life under wraps. The young YouTuber has never been married nor does she have any kids, at least not yet.

Pokimane Thicc and Myth
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While the multi-talented star may very well be single and available, there have been unconfirmed rumours romantically linking her to a fellow YouTube star. However, her fans have been left with just mere speculations as that report has neither been confirmed nor denied by Imane.

Other Interesting Facts About Pokimane Thicc

  • Nickname

A pokemon lover, it is not so hard to decipher how the game aficionado came about her moniker. Pokimane is a combination of her name Imane and the pokemon game. She is also known by the name Amy.

  • Height

The beautiful pro-gamer has a slim physique. She stands at an average height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.64 m) and weighs 50 kg (110 lbs).

  • Career History

Pokimane Thicc’s social media career began in 2014, first with her YouTube Channel and then a Twitch account. She has consistently gained fame for herself on both platforms since then.

  • Fanbase

Given how popular Pokimane has become on social media, it is no surprise that she’s built a large community of followers. She has not less than 1.6 million fans on her YouTube channel and 1.5 million fans on Twitch. Besides YouTube and Twitch, Pokimane is also very active on other social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. More so, the League of Legends star has an ASMR (Auditory Sensory Meridian Response) channel where she continues to engage her fans with interesting and similar contents.

  • Social Life

Pokimane who currently lives in California loves travelling as much as possible. She is also known to have a close relationship with a fellow popular streamer Nikki Smith (also known as Quorraa) on social media.

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