Poll Reveals That Americans Believe The Sexual Assault Allegations Against Trump

A poll released Monday in Washington showed that most Americans actually believe the allegations coming out about Trump’s sexual misconduct.

It makes one wonder how he has managed to dog Hilary Clinton in the polls, with recent election polls showing him closing in on her.

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The entire saga with Trump and the many sexual assault allegations that have now surfaced, came to light when a leaked audio clip recorded in 2005 showed Trump making lewd remarks about an unidentified married woman he hoped to have sex with.

sexual misconduct

In the tape, Trump had boasted that his celebrity status made it easy for him to attract women and he went further to talk about groping women. At one point in the tape he said;

“When you’re a star, women let you do anything.”

After the tape was aired Donald Trump half-way apologized for the comments, carelessly referring to them as “locker room banter” and claiming that former President Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton’s husband, had said far worse things.

Since the airing of the tape, about 11 women have come forward and accused Trump of either kissing or groping them without consent. Donald Trump has vehemently denied all the accusations and even threatened at a point to sue the women.

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The new poll, which was conducted by AP-GFK showed, however, that despite his denial, a majority of Americans believe the women who accused Trump of kissing or groping them without consent were telling the truth.

sexual misconduct

Over 70 percent Americans said they believe Trump’s women accusers. In fact, 35 percent of Trump’s supporters think the accusations are probably true.

Coming from a Presidency that was devoid of any sexual scandals, it is hard to believe that Americans would willingly elect someone that they believe is implicit in sexual misconduct, but the election polls are not showing this reality.

One could, however, ask what choice Americans have considering the FBI is again investigating Hilary Clinton for her own private email server.