crop top 90s
Then and Now

The fashion world is the ultimate recycle world. Most fashion trends we see today are most times not “original”, in the sense that most of these items are just trends from a different era making their way to our time. So check out some of these trends that are making a come back.


Overalls were so in when we were kids and I can vouch we all owned at least 2. This fashion item is making it’s way into our wardrobes again. This item doesn’t come only in denim but in other fabrics. It can be paired with a crop or sleeved top, depending on the occasion and weather.

crop top 90s fashion comeback
Then and Now


the crop top is undeniably one of the biggest and trendiest come backs from the 90s. This item is suitable for all occasions as there are different styles from sleeveless, plain, print, some women even rock this piece for their weddings.

crop top 90s
Then and Now


One of the trendiest right now. One can’t take a walk down the street without seeing someone in a choker. Chokers give a super sultry look and these days they are light and come in all colours, materials and sizes.

choker 90s comeback
Then and Now


The high waist jeans is here to stay. This piece like other pieces comes in a variety of styles and fabrics. From pants (trousers) to skirts, both short and long, there’s always a high waist piece to suit your preferences.

high waist 90s
Then and Now

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Box braids went off mainstream for a while as most African women preferred to have on weaves/extensions. But box braids/poetic justice braids/bob marley or whatever you want to call it is here to stay. The braids can be long, chunky, short, tiny, there are even various colors available other than black and brown.

braids 90s comeback


Afro-natural hair in the 90s were mostly locs, and jerri curls, but the natural hair movement is back with a big bang and it’s not going away anytime soon. African ladies now know how to care for their hair. From afros to locs, to Bantu knots, the versatility of the natural hair will make it live forever. We can bet on this.

90s natural hair comeback


Before skinny jeans we had flare jeans. We all ditched our bell bottoms when we realized how chic the skinny jeans/penciled bottoms are. However, bell bottoms are back and they are trendier than ever, even though the skinnies still have our hearts.

bell bottoms flared 90s come back

So If you’re looking for fashion inspiration, rather than splurge on expensive magazines, 90s or 80s sitcoms will be a good start. Did we miss out any? Let us know in the comment section.

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