10 Reasons To Believe There Is Power In The Name Of Jesus

Why do so many Christians believe in the power in the name of Jesus and what can it do for Christians that believe in it? What does this name even mean for many Christians? Christians believe that Jesus Christ has given Christians the right and authority to use his name. What this means is that Christians have been given the power of attorney as we say in Law. It is authorisation given by one person (Jesus Christ) permitting another (Christians) to take action on his (Jesus Christ’s) behalf.

The power in the name of Jesus can be shown in many ways which include:

1. Source of joy and strength

The divine name of Jesus is in truth a mine of riches. It holds the secret of all the greatest happiness that any man can hope to enjoy in the entire world. Through the name of Jesus, we can obtain all kinds of favours and graces, temporal and spiritual. In addition to that, it makes the weakest sinner strong and consoles the saddest heart.

2. God Fulfills our Needs

In the bible, our Lord solemnly promises that whatever we ask from the Father in his name, we shall indeed receive. Jesus Christ further assures us that God will never fail to keep his word. It is for this reason that churches and people around the world end their prayer with the words “through Jesus Christ” or “in Jesus name.”

3. The Name of Jesus Delivers us

If asked, Christians around the world will confess that the name of Jesus delivers us from the power of the devil and saves us from innumerable evils. In addition to that, it fills our souls with joy and peace that we never had before. Moreover, the name of Jesus gives us so much strength that our troubles and sufferings become light.

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4. The Name of Jesus Enables us to Share Love to other People

In Colossians 3:17, “all whatsoever you do in work or in word, do all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Here, St. Paul instructs us and tells us that we must do everything we do be it in word or in work, in the name of Jesus Christ. Through this, everything we do in turn becomes an act of merit and of love. In addition to that, we help and receive grace from God to do everything well and with great perfection.

5. The Plague of Lisbon in the year 1432

In 1432, a devastating plague broke out in Lisbon, Portugal. The people who were able and strong enough to flee did so and unknowingly carried and spread the plague to the entire country of Portugal. Unfortunately, thousands of men, women and children lost their lives to the disease. The historians write that like lightning, it flashed from one man to another or from a hat, coat or any garment that had previously been used by a person who had the plague.

A bishop named Monsignor Andre Dias who lived in the monastery of St. Dominic urged everyone to call on the name of Jesus. In addition, he spoke to the people about the power of the name of Jesus. In time, the sick got well and the plague ceased. For many centuries, the confidence in the name of Jesus Christ continued in Portugal and eventually spread to Spain, France and the rest of the world.

6. Jesus Christ was the Fulfillment of Prophecy in the Bible

The Old Testament particularly contains many prophecies about a Messiah who would come and save mankind. The birth of Jesus fulfilled the prophecy and his life and ministry were also a fulfillment of the prophecies that had been made hundreds of years prior to his birth. This goes to show the great power that is in Jesus Christ.

7. The Love of Jesus for Mankind

Jesus taught and preached love throughout his ministry. He healed the sick, raised the dead, fed the hungry and comforted the weak. In addition to that, he gave his life for us so that we in turn can be saved through his name. He did all this despite the fact that he was facing a lot of opposition from the religious leaders and authorities at the time.

8. Jesus is the Message of Hope

Over thousands of years to date, Jesus Christ remains the only constant and durable message of hope and love that people in the world have ever known. This is in spite of all the opposition and controversy that Jesus and his mission has faced. This goes to show that the power in the name of Jesus Christ is great and therefore can’t and will never be ignored.

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9. The Teachings of Jesus Christ

Jesus gave a message of love for each other and taught us to live together in peace. However, through our culture in the recent years, we have tried to civilize Him. The truth of the matter is that if we followed the teachings of Jesus to the letter, the violence and war we have today would not have been there. It is interesting to note that even those who do not recognise his Deity recognise his teachings as being morally superior.

10. Forgiveness of our Sins

According to Colossians 1:14, the Name and Blood of Jesus grants us the forgiveness of sin. If we pray to God through his name, and repent of our sins, then the lord will forgive us. This way, we are able to get a sense of peace and reconciliation with God.

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