This Is What Happens When We Argue – The Powerful Love Sculpture

The strongly acclaimed powerful love sculpture was designed by Ukrainian sculptor, Alexandr Milov. He designed the outer man with guaze materials, serving as big metal cages for the inner child-like figure. It was installed at the Nevada Burning Man art event. Amongst all other stunning works, this took the cake as one of the most powerful exhibited works.

Everything about this sculpture is absolutely captivating. For a majority of people, this is just the best picture that shows what we go through when we argue and fight with a loved one. Typically, the designer gave it a romantic undertone, representing a man and a woman who are angry with each other. To a larger extent it could be anyone, friends, work colleagues, family, you name it.

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Every human being has an ego, but by way of nature and nurture, some ego’s are bigger than the others. And when the ego is hurt, the cheapest temptation is to severe all ties but then the inner man always wants peace; at least for the most part. You know what they say, in every adult, there’s always a free-spirited child in there. We only learn to tame it because we do not want to get hurt. That’s probably why no matter how old you are, parents and grannies always see the crawling baby in need of care and direction.

It is this free-spirited inner child-like man that pulls and yearns for a make up. And most times they win; in some cases it takes more time but if we obey the little happy guys, there won’t be need for it to take that long. The outer man holds back but the inner guys don’t care what the matter is, they just want to connect again. Call them smart, because they know in the end the fights are not worth it.

Between love and hate, is a very thin line. This is how it is – the love sculpture. 



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