For ages people have gone many lengths to find the ultimate connection with God, they do this by following the basic fundamentals on how to pray and commune with God. While some have involved spiritual journeys over incredible lengths and suffering, some have been able to find a connection with God within themselves through prayers and supplications unto God. Even though today’s religion has diversified into many different branches creating different ways for their followers to pray, the basic fundamentals of how to pray remain the same. Many people have been able to find peace of mind through prayers, as they tend to put forward their best and purest thoughts forward and unlike rituals, it is not that complicated to follow especially when you know how to pray. This is the main reason why many people have taken praying to be their ultimate bond with God. Irrespective of One’s religious affiliation, a full understanding of how to pray is very crucial for our spiritual growth which is why we’ve come up with this article on Prayers, Praying and How Best to Pray

3 Fundamental Principles on How To Pray and Commune with God


Religion is one of the first and most basic things that we inherited from our parents, but simply inheriting religion or being forced to pray by our parents or guidance does not really teach us how to pray. The most basic thing that people need to understand is that the most basic requirement of praying is to believe in a power which is greater than you. Not believing is one of the main reasons why people fail to make a connection with God, even after praying on a regular routine. It is impossible to deny that there is a higher power which protects us and gives us peace in the most desperate of situations, the One who will be able to solve even the toughest of situations. It does not matter if you pray once a day like in Hinduism, five times a day like in Islam, visit the church every Sunday like in Christianity, or simply try to pray and make communication with God through meditation, without believing it will be very difficult to pray and it will look more like a regular chore.

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Let Go

Many times, there are conditions that could arise when we are incapable of handling the situation and only depend on a miracle through prayers or praying to God or a higher being. One of the basic principles behind leaving everything to God even during general praying routines is because, completely letting go allows us to have a pure relationship with God, believing God to be our supreme well-wisher. The basic principle of complete letting go and leaving everything to God, lies behind a very simple reason; as we leave everything to God, we are not only allowing our higher power to take care of our lives, but we are also sacrificing our ego, our pride and self. A story has been told about a child that gave her teddy bear to an older person to repair but kept on holding on to it and checking in and not giving the person time to work. Until she was able to let go, her teddy bear could not be fixed. The same basic principle lies at the heart of letting go. We need to trust God and leave things up to Him to fix.

Be Selfless

letting-go - how to pray

Praying is not that kind of exchange offer where you pray to God in return for personal and materialistic gain, in a sense it is but not completely. As many people are unable to be selfless and wish for others happiness, they often fail to pray the right way because deep down in them, they are not pure in heart. The most basic reason why people pray is that of their constant subconscious attempts to become a better person, which will attract good fortune and take away their misfortune. It is also very important to be as selfless as possible not just during praying times but in the life that we live, as being selfless helps us to be at peace with ourselves and our God. Even though this seems like the hardest part, you have to realise that for a prayer to be effective, a selfless attitude is required. Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you, God sometimes answers prayers through human beings like me and you.

By believing, letting go and being selfless we maximize the effect that prayer has on our lives and that effect can even extend to others around us.

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