Getting Started… President Akufo-Addo To Cut Taxes

Taking up the mantle of leadership on Saturday, President Akufo-Addo says he will cut taxes.

As a matter of priority, the recently sworn-in president right from the onset, says the economic welfare of the people will be attended to.

During his campaign, he is recorded to have said:

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“We have to get our economy moving again, to address the problems of low growth, widespread unemployment, and huge debts because this is the reality of our situation in Ghana. And we have to deal with it.”

Akufo-Addoh said he would make the country twice as business friendly.

The ruling party, NPP promised then that the party will look into the corporate tax from 25% to 20%.  It is also proposed to abolish the 17.5% tax on financial services, and removing some import levies.

Addoh wants to reduce Ghana’s dependence on foreign loans; and wants public debts to go down to zero.

Addo’s government hopes to implement policies that will advance the nation to the level of becoming a financial services hub, which in other words could introduce offshore banking.

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In his words during the swearing in ceremony:

“We must create wealth and restore happiness to our nation.”

“I have no doubt that the talents, energies, sense of enterprise and innovation of the Ghanaian can be harnessed to make Ghana the place where dreams come true.”

“We will stimulate the creative juices of innovators. We will bring back to life the adventurer in you. It is time to imagine and to dream again; time to try that business idea again.”

“We will reduce taxes to recover the momentum of our economy. The doors of Ghana are open again. The shutters are up again. There could not be a better opportunity to “Make in Ghana”, and to make it in Ghana. GHANA IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS AGAIN!”

– President Akufo-Addo.