President Kenyatta Says Kenyans Are Experienced In Stealing

President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta has gone on a public spiel of words against Kenyans blaming them for the widespread corruption and even calling them criminals.

The president who is visiting Israel for the first time since 1994 said in an address to students and delegates from Kenya and Israel;

“We Kenyans God has blessed us with a country… that is 20 times more wonderful than the one where we are now.

“But wherever we are, all we ever do is complain and steal – and in fact we are experienced in stealing, abusing each other, perpetuating other crimes and peddling tribalism,” he continued in Swahili

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“Israelis are from different parts of the world, but have been united by their security and the urge to improve the living standards in their country.

“We could learn much from how well Israel was run.”

The president’s remarks were aimed at inspiring Kenyans, especially those living in Israel to do more for their country by learning from the Israelis.

Mr Kenyatta himself has been targeted for failing to tackle corruption and spurring ethnic violence among Kenyans. According to Kenyans, their ability to get a job, especially in government depends on their ethnicity.

kenyatta visits israel

On his three day trip to Israel, the president visited the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Cavalry church which is believed to be where Jesus Christ was crucified and also where his tomb is located. The president also visited the Wailing Wall and Kibbutz, where Kenyan students are being trained on farming technologies and automated agriculture.

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