As Drought Hits, President Mugabe Says Zimbabwe Is In A “State Of Disaster”

Southern Africa is experiencing drought as climate weather changes. With low rainfalls and low crop yield, some of the sates have to import food from neighboring states. Zimbabwe is one of the countries being hit by the drought.

The president blames the climate change and the sanctions imposed on it by western countries following its human rights violations for Zimbawe’s intensifying food drought. Most rural areas hit by severe drought have been declared states of disaster by Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe. The drought has led to intensifying food shortages as the president seeks food aid for these areas.

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The drought which is associated with what is called the El Nino climate cycle has affected other countries like Malawi, Botswana,  Zambia and South Africa. The El Nino is a phenomenon that arises due to abnormal temperatures of the equatorial Pacific ocean( that is, when it becomes warmer than normal). Food shortages and death of livestock is becoming more and more rampant in these areas.

The European Union (EU ) earlier urged president Mugabe to declare a state of disaster so that funds for food aid could be raised to help the country combat food shortages.

Saviour kasukuwere , the Minister of Public Works said in a statement;

“Initial indications were that 1.5 million people were food insecure with all the 60 rural districts being affected,

“Overall, the food insecure population has since risen to 2.44 million — 26 percent of the population.

“(With) the continued threat of the El Nino-induced drought, His Excellency the President has declared a state of disaster in regard to severely affected areas.”

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