‘The Government Will Not Tolerate Protests Anymore’ – Mugabe’s Spokesperson

Amidst all the protests that have rocked Zimbabwe in recent days, President Mugabe’s spokesperson has released a statement condemning them. He has also sent out a warning to all likely protesters to resist taking to the streets.

President Mugabe’s spokesperson, George Charamba who seemed quite upset with the recent protests in the southern African nation stated that the protests won’t be tolerated anymore. He made this statement on Zimbabwe’s state television’s 8 o’clock news. According to him, the “nonsense” protests has “crossed a line”.

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“Let everyone be warned – opposition or wherever – that the government will not tolerate this anymore.

“Let them test the authority of the state [if they go ahead with another march on Friday] and then they will realise that until and unless you keep within the lawful confines of the law the full might of the state will visit on your recklessness.”

Last week Friday, a large opposition protest which consisted of various opposition parties was staged in Harare. The aim of the protest was to make sure the forthcoming presidential and parliamentary elections would be free and fair. The opposition has in time past accused the elections of favouring the ruling ZANU-PF. As President Mugabe, who is 92 years plans to contest in the election set to hold in 2018, the opposition is wary that it would be rigged to favour the president who has ruled the country since their independence from Britain.

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President Mugabe has, however, dismissed their claims stating that they are just afraid of failure again at the ballot.

The protest which started out peacefully turned brutal when the police began intervening with the use of tear gas, water cannons and even brutally harassing the protesters and opposition leaders.