President Muhammadu Buhari

Despite all odds, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari says his one year in office has been generally positive.

“I would say it has been generally positive… We have been moving in the right direction … and thankfully, things are beginning to look up. I believe that the most difficult times are now behind us and the country can go no other way but upwards.”

He summarily said his mission as president is “to curb corruption, secure the country and fix the hitherto depressed economy.” To the critiques of his administration, he says are free and fully entitled to their opinion.

The president shared the plans of the government to effectively diversify the economy in order to prevent a repeat of the hardships Nigerians have been going through for a while now.

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As contained in the National Budget the president says there are plans underway “to provide infrastructure and increase the purchasing power of our people, as well as reduce inflation.”

President Muhammadu Buhari who says that he will always be grateful for the opportunity to serve says that he is not relenting in fulfilling his campaign promises. He also acknowledges that to turn the nation around for the better, there was a paramount need for patience and perseverance.

“There is nowhere in the world where the process of change, which is a transition from old order into a new one had been easy.”

He also revealed that some of the battles that his administration is facing are plots from corrupt people in government who have been affected by his anti-corruption policies. However he assures the people that “Nigeria will soon be back.”

“We must collectively fight corruption and kill it before it kills us.”

With regards to the insurgencies, Buhari says his administration is making notable achievements. The second phase of the fight will be to provide support and de-radicalization programmes for victims and repentant terrorists respectively.

Economically, the administration according to the president is working tirelessly to make Nigeria self-sufficient. That way foreign reserves will be conserved and food security, ensured. Even the resources for the power sector has been diversified to accommodate- thermal, solar, hydro, nuclear, coal and windmill. He also made mention of power sector privatization.

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Over the fears of the Saudi-led coalition, Buhari says it was logical that Nigeria identified with the anti-ISIS group since Boko Haram insurgents are a part of ISIS. He also says he has no plans to violate the Nigerian constitution that has granted freedom of worship to the people.

To conclude the interview with African Leadership Magazine, President Muhammadu Buhari says this:

“I am deeply pained like every Nigerian by the hardship we are all experiencing. You do not abort a pregnancy midway because a mother is in labor… Our country is going through the same phase… The world wants Nigeria to succeed how much less Nigerians! We will succeed, if we collectively resolve to do so, God willing.”