One Of Africa’s Strongman Presidents Really Thinks America’s Electoral Process Needs To Be Respected

Uganda’s President Museveni is just one of many African Presidents who are known as strongmen.

These are Presidents who have basically skirted around the constitutions of their countries with regards to term limits and have remained in power even in the face of great opposition.

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President Yoweri Museveni is currently serving his fifth term as the President of Uganda after winning in an election this year that was full of many inconsistencies and rife with controversies. He had blocked social media on the day of the vote and arrested his major opposition candidate, Kizza Besigye, severally, both before and after the vote.

President Museveni

The United States government, the United Nations, and several other international organizations had condemned the elections but President Museveni turned a deaf ear to all their contentions.

This week, however, President Museveni felt it necessary to comment on the US presidential election result. In a lengthy missive which he published on Nov. 24 giving a rather simplistic reason that he had ‘felt compelled’ to write it, he said;

“Mr. Trump won the election in the USA against our longtime friend, Hillary Clinton. Although Hillary won the popular vote, Mr. Trump won the Electoral College vote. That is their system which we must respect.”

President Museveni also went on to blame “Western aggression” in the Middle East and North Africa for a global wave of migration and backlash that caused Hillary Clinton to lose the presidential race and Britain to vote to leave the European Union.

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In his missive, President Museveni is also calling for Africa to take a leaf out of the book of the US and UK as regards isolationist campaigns. He called for an African version of America’s Monroe Doctrine, established under president James Monroe in 1823 which opposed European interference in the Americas, to protect African countries from further Western encroachment.


In his words;

“The [African Union] needs to put out a “Monroe doctrine” of sorts… Otherwise, the present African leaders will have let down Africa like the precolonial chiefs did between 1400 and 1900 when the European imperialists slowly penetrated Africa while these chiefs could not unite to defend us against the slave trade and colonialism.”

It would seem that the United State’s election of Donald Trump has given even strongman African leaders like President Museveni a high ground to speak on democratic issues.