President Uhuru Kenyatta Visits Israel For The First Time Since 1994

For the first time since approximately 2 decades, Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta, arrived Israel on Monday for a three-day visit of deliberations on important national issues that will favor both countries.

The ties between the 2 presidents started out in the days of Jomo Kenyatta, the then founder and ruler of Kenya. This brings to limelight the Entebbe raid where Jomo Kenyatta played a significant role that supported the Israeli government led by the elder brother of the current Israeli president, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israeli citizens were held hostage in Uganda and in assistance, Jomo Kenyatta helped and “allowed Israeli planes refuel in his country during the 1976 rescue” mission. Perhaps without this kind gesture, the Israeli’s intervention at the time would not have been possible.

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Both countries seem to be working in co-operation with each other in the fight against terrorism/militant Islamic terrorism. Kenya has particularly suffered thundering attacks from al-Shabaab, a terrorist organization in affiliation with AL-Qaeda. In what seems to be a ‘returning the favor’ move, Israel has already shown solidarity to the East African country by providing training and security assistance to Kenya. Generally speaking, Kenya is one out of the growing number of African countries who are in partnership with the Israeli government over terrorism.


Uhuru’s visit to the middle east nation is anticipated to strengthen the friendly ties and the long-time mutual political relations between the countries. Reports say that both leaders have signed joint statements on mutual co-operation on water and agricultural matters.

According to The Jerusalem Post, Israeli’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu hopes to reciprocate this official visit this summer in retrospect for the 40th anniversary of the Entebbe raid. The Prime Minister also intends to extend the visit to Uganda, the home location of the crisis. Also inclusive on the official visit are Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Internal Security Minister, and Water & Health Minister.

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