Muslim Countries Ask Yahya Jammeh To Accept Election Results

Last year on the 12th of December President Yahya Jammeh had declared the Gambia an Islamic State. With the pronouncement, he had once more projected himself as a devout Muslim.

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The President is very frequently photographed carrying religious books and once pronounced that he would rule for “one billion years” if “Allah says so.” President Yahya Jammeh had been defeated in the recently concluded Presidential polls in Gambia which he had dubbed fraud-proof prior to the elections.

When President-elect Adama Barrow was announced as the winner of the polls, the President had conceded and earned the cheers of many Africans, who had expected different.

President Yahya

Barely a week later, the President had done an about-turn, calling for fresh polls when a little error, announced by the country’s electoral commission, reduced the lead of President-elect Adama Barrow. This came after the new ruling coalition promised to prosecute President Yahya Jammeh within a year of taking power.

The United nations and fellow African leaders had condemned his refusal of the results calling on him to once again concede. President Yahya Jammeh has so far stayed unmoved.

That may change with the involvement of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) who have made their own petition to the President to accept his electoral defeat.

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The 57-member organisation, which exists to “safeguard and protect the interests of the Muslim world,” and has been funding projects in Gambia for years, issued a statement today calling on Jammeh to “fully respect the results” of the Dec. 1 election.

Initially, the OIC had issued a statement expressing its “profound satisfaction” with the peaceful and democratic elections that had taken place, but that was before President Yahya Jammeh changed his mind about conceding.