BREAKING: Opposition Bid Over President Zuma’s Impeachment Fails

A vote which took place at the National Assembly over President Zuma’s impeachment has failed.

When the Supreme court ruled that President Zuma was guilty of the charges laid against him by the Democratic Alliance over the upgrade of his Nkandla home, the opposition pushed for the president to step down or be impeached.

The DA needed a two-thirds majority that is, 267 MPs out of 400 in order for the impeachment to be successful. However the DA only has 89 seats, and the combined opposition vote is 151.

The motion to impeach President Zuma was therefore dropped when the votes tallied 233 (against Zuma’s impeachment) votes to 143 ( for Zuma’s impeachment).

The debate however got off to an unruly start.

Economic Freedom Fighters’ Floyd Shivambu called for the speaker of the house of assembly, Baleka Mbete to quit the proceedings and allow for the deputy speaker to take charge.

Mr Shivambu iterated that the Constitutional court found the National Assembly guilty of breaching the constitution, implicitly blaming her leadership for this cause, he called for her to step down.

“You don’t deserve to be in that seat because you are not supposed to be sitting here.

“Will you please step down. Step down please‚” Mr Shivambu said.

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Mr Shivambu was soon followed by others asking Mbete to step down. The Chief whip of the Democratic Alliance (DA) John Steenhuisen rose on a point of order, demanding that the deputy speaker be in charge of the meeting.

The EFF leader Julius Malema also demanded that Ms Mbete ‘recuse herself’, for she will not be allowed to preside over the meeting for her failure to handle the meeting which determined the guiltiness or innocence of President Zuma, and eventually causing the Supreme Court to reprimand the national assembly.

“We’re discussing Zuma now. We can’t discuss Zuma with you presiding over this matter. Let deputy speaker sit there.

“You are not qualified to sit where you are. The best thing is to recuse yourself,

“You voted for Nkandla report. You vote for wrong things. Listen to superior logic. Bloody voting cattle.

“You are Parliament. You must take responsibility for this mess.”

As other members of the national assembly rose to speak against Ms Mbete, Jackson Muthebu of the African national Congress (ANC) argued that the Supreme court verdict was targeted at the national assembly not the speaker.

Ms. Mbete suspended the meeting for 30 minutes as she consulted the party Chief whips. When the session was resumed, she was booed off and had to adjourn the proceedings.

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