Who Says Royalties Are Hopeless Romantics?

Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and husband to Queen Elizabeth II shared the secret to his 68 years of marriage to the queen of England.

He particularly says he is not in any way a romantic character.

Coming from a royalty, that might sound a little awkward given that movies most times present them as such.

Well, Prince Phillip who will turn 95 years in 2 days time says he still knows his way around the queen’s heart.

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Prince Phillip

It is an open secret that Prince Phillip is the silent “power behind the throne”.

“If we regard the Queen’s record-breaking reign as a success- and I think most of us do- Prince Philip is the co-author of that success. The Queen wears the crown, but her husband wears the trousers. He is the power behind the throne – shrewd, steadfast, never-failingly supportive.” – Gyles Brandreth, Royal Biographer .

Gyles revealed that aside official functions that demand the royal hand-holding gestures, the couple will not always be found holding hands in public. He says this is as a result of the “stoic values” of their generation. In other words, they were born into a time where public display of affection was uncommon.

When compared to his son Charles, Prince Phillip says they are quite different personalities. He described himself as unfeeling.

“He’s a romantic and I’m a pragmatist- that means we do see things differently. And because I don’t see things as a romantic would, I’m unfeeling.”

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So unlike the stereotypical prince-charming fairy tales, Prince Phillip has lived all these years with the queen, thinking like he should; with his head and not the heart.

So how did he do it? Prince Phillip and his wife, the queen are music lovers. Queen Elizabeth loves singing and dancing and let’s just say that Prince Phillip knows how to get into the zone.

The Duke says his secret ingredient to his long time royal union is his ability to make the queen laugh.

What can I say? I guess Prince Phillip’s secret might help a couple of people out there.

Prince Phillip

Prince Phillip