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Fans of the hit 1980s sitcom Three’s Company would undoubtedly be familiar with the name Priscilla Barnes. The actress who has been in the entertainment industry for more than four decades has accumulated a plethora of screen credits. From dance to pageantry and then to acting, and even film production, it has been a rocky road to fame for the passionate entertainer. Find out amazing facts about the veteran actress.

Priscilla Barnes – Biography

A native of New Jersey, Priscilla Barnes was born on December 7, 1954. There is no information available regarding her parents’ identity but we do know that her father is a US Air Force veteran. Though born in Fort Dix, Priscilla and her three siblings grew up in different cities due to the nature of their father’s job. Barnes attended various schools as a child because her family was always on the move but eventually finished up at Antelope Valley High School after they settled in Lancaster, California.

Priscilla Barnes had always been interested in the performing arts and once nurtured dreams of becoming a professional dancer. As a teenager, she was part of a dance troupe called The Vivacious Vixens. However, Priscilla’s pro dance dreams were automatically stalled after she sustained a major leg injury during a performance. Despite the setback, Barnes refused to give up on pursuing a career in entertainment, rather, she switched to acting.

After high school, Barnes relocated to San Diego in pursuit of a showbiz career. Penetrating into the competitive industry wasn’t easy, so while auditioning and waiting for a breakthrough, Priscilla had to earn a living by doing some odd jobs such as waiting tables.

Endowed with gorgeous looks, Barnes also tried her hands on modeling by participating in some prestigious beauty pageants. It was while modeling during a fashion show in 1973 that she met Bob Hope who offered her a slot in his dance troupe that performed at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Working with Bob was Priscilla’s first major breakthrough and a chance to showcase her talents on a larger platform. She later relocated to Los Angeles for greener pastures.

Movies and TV Shows

After a few auditions, Priscilla Barnes debuted on the acting scene with a minor role in the 1976 series Cannon. Having performed well in her first role, she soon landed other jobs, most of which were minor appearances. Some of her other subsequent screen features include Tintorera and Beyond Reason which were both released in 1977, Texas Detour (1978), The Seniors (1978), Delta Fox (1979), and Sunday Lovers (1980). On the small screen, she appeared in The Rockford Files (1974-1980), Taxi (1978-1983), The Love Boat (1977-1987), and The American Girls (1978).

Priscilla Barnes got her big break in the year 1981 after she landed a lead role as nurse Terri Alden on the hit sitcom Three’s Company. Though the show began airing in 1977, Priscilla joined the cast four years later as a replacement for actress Suzanne Somers. Three’s Company which was a commercial success is unarguably Barnes biggest screen credit till date. Thereafter, Priscilla featured more on the small screen some of which are The Love Boat (1977-1987), Murder, She Wrote (1984 – 1996), Hotel (1983- 1988), Dark Justice (1991-1993) and Viper (1994-1999).

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On the silver screen, she landed a minor role in the 1989 Bond movie, Licence to Kill. Priscilla had more horror roles such as Stepfather III (1992), Witch Academy (1995), Unseen Evil 2 (2004), and The Devil’s Rejects (2005). More recently, she had a recurring role as Magda Andel on the CW series Jane the Virgin.

Barnes also has credits behind the camera. She has produced a couple of movies such as Sex Sells: The Making of ‘Touché (2005), The A Plate (2011) and 88 Miles to Moscow (2013).

Priscilla Barnes’ Married Life

Priscilla Barnes
Priscilla Barnes and Ted Monte

Priscilla Barnes is one of those stars who prefer to separate their professional and personal lives. For reasons best known to her, Priscilla chooses to keep the latter under the radar. Nonetheless, it is no secret that she is married to her colleague Ted Monte. While there is no information about how and when they met, we do know that they officially tied the knot in 2003 and have remained inseparable since then. Prior to Monte, Priscilla dated some other celebrities. She was romantically linked to actors Gary DeVore and Joel Schur in the past.

Net Worth

Priscilla Barnes has been active in the entertainment industry for more than four decades. Her versatility and talents are evidenced in an exhaustive list of screen credits. As expected, Barnes numerous endeavors have earned her a sizeable financial portfolio. She has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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