Prodigious Splashing Of Billions: See The Latest World’s Most Expensive Private Jets

Air travel is increasingly becoming common in our modern society, and this is gradually making the once easy means of transportation, a rather saturated and rigorous one. Gone are the days when if you want to avoid delays and unnecessary traffic  hitches, you go for flights. Nowadays, the number of people using this means of transport has so much increased that problems like flight cancellations and delays, security check and customs queues, luggage thefts   , are becoming annoyingly rampant. All these have made it necessary for people to start buying their own planes in order to be able to go for their businesses in any part of the world anytime they wish. Meanwhile, a private jet the most expensive asset one can acquire when it comes to means of mobility. It is a property that only a few of the rich men of the world could afford.

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Then, coming to all the jets owned by individuals today, there are the fabulously expensive ones that we couldn’t just ignore. They are so luxuriously designed to suit the owners’ taste. Judging from their inside looks, you won’t help but exclaim that they are nicer that most rich men’s homes. Checkout: The World’s 10 Most Pricey Private Jets at the moment – No.1 Will is completely mind-blowing!

10. Boeing 757 – $100 Million

Owner: Donald Trump

Donald Trump bought this jet from Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder at about a hundred million dollars. Trust Donald’s taste of design; he transformed this Boeing 757 and gave it an overall customized ‘Trumplike’ new look. The private jet is now covered in gold, boasts the latest electronic equipment, marble bathroom and 24-carat seat belt buckles, glossy walnut tables and has the family logo emblazoned on just about every surface.

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