Prof Jonathan Moyo Has Been Arrested By ZACC

Prof  Jonathan Moyo has been arrested by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC)  for his role in diverting Zimdef. This comes on the heels of his threats to sue Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Prof Jonathan Moyo accused Vice President Mnangagwa of using political institutions to set himself in a position to succeed President Mugabe. Consequently, he threatened to sue VP Mnangagwa as well as other ministers and institutions for using the ZACC against him.

According to him, the ZACC had tried to arrest him on different counts following a meeting the commissioners of the ZACC had with VP Mnangagwa.

In October the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) had tried to arrest him, but it was reported that interventions by President Mugabe prevented the arrest. However, President Mugabe recently announced that he would not protect corrupt officials.

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He, however, handed himself over to the  ZACC on Wednesday and he is expected to appear in court on Thursday together with his deputy Godfrey Gandawa who is also guilty of diverting Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (Zimdef).

“I can confirm that (the minister) was invited to assist police and ZACC with investigations,” Prof Moyo’s lawyer Advocate Lewis Uriri told a State-owned publication on Thursday.

Prof Jonathan Moyo Has Been Arrested By ZACC

He also said:

“He voluntarily availed himself for that process. He answered questions as put to him and at the end of that process, they immediately decided that they would be arresting, detaining and charging him.

“The constitutional requirements were complied with. The charges were put to him.

“He disposed a warned and cautioned statement and thereafter a request was made that he be released to his lawyers and we duly executed an indemnity.”

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On Succession and the ZANU-PF Factions

In February, first lady Amai Grace Mugabe accused Vice President Mnangagwa of planning to kill her children and disposing President Mugabe in order to position himself as the President of Zimbabwe.

Although the First lady, together with Prof Moyo (prior to his expulsion from the party) and VP Mnangagwa, all belong to the ruling Zanu-PF it has been alleged that the former belong to a faction called the G-40 whose preferred candidate to succeed President Mugabe is his wife, Grace. However, a different faction which Zim Veterans support to succeed Mugabe is VP Mnangagwa.