Prof Moyo To Sue Vice President Of Zimbabwe Over Zimdef

Professor Jonathan Moyo, the Zimbabwean Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister, has threatened to sue Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, some parastatals, as wells as Zimpapers and its journalists.

The reason for his threat is hinged on the accusations levied on him that he had stolen funds of more than $400, 000 from the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund.

Prof Moyo also threatened to sue against the Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Dr. Christopher Mushohwe and the permanent secretary of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission and the National Prosecuting Authority, Mr George Charamba.

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Prof Moyo also charged at the NPA and Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission, describing some of the members who were sworn in by President Mugabe in February as unlawful.

Prof Moyo, however, admitted to diverting the Zimdef funds to his constituency but claimed he was a victim of succession of politics in a statement published in the media.

Lawyers, however, warned that his approach to the situation is not useful in the court of law.

Hear what he said:

“Recent events in the country have put in plain sight the undesirability of persons from other agencies and organizations of Government being seconded to institutions such as the NPA.”

“Section 261 (3) prohibits this. The NPA, therefore, is improperly constituted to the extent of the participation of these officers who are active members of these organizations and have their own allegiance to their parent organizations. Taken together with the disqualification of Goba and the open factional capture, which is ongoing, it is clear that the NPA is illegally constituted in violation of the Constitution thus rendering its decisions since Goba’s appointment void ab initio.”

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Zimdef funds which are expected to be used in support of students in tertiary institutions was siphoned by Prof Moyo with the assistance of his deputy, Dr. Godfrey Gandawa.

Or so it is believed.

Stay tuned.