Prophet Lethebo Rabalago

A viral news from South Africa shows images of prophet Lethebo Rabalago supposedly healing his congregants with Doom insecticide.

Africa is a nation that is largely superstitious. Coupled with religion, the search for signs and wonders has made the tendency a whole lot worse.

Many men of God in the world over have done different things in the name of healing and miracles. Africa seems to be taking the cake at the height of preposterous things that have been done in history.

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According to South African reports, the ‘Doom’ incident which went berserk on Facebook happened over the weekend.

The images of the service and prayer meeting was shared first on Mount Zion General Assembly (MZGA) account.


According to prophet Lethebo Rabalago, he uses ‘Doom insect killer’ to heal people with cancer, HIV and other ailments. He confirmed it to SA media,, saying that he prays over it and uses it for healing just like some other pastors use oil and water for blessing.

A caption on the images read thus:

“Doom is just a name‚ but when you speak to it to become a healing product‚ it does. People get healed and delivered through doom. Its not by might nor by power‚ but by the Holy Spirit. We give God the glory!!”

His congregants have backed up the ‘Doom’ healing exercise with their testimonies:

Maggie Maluleka:

 “I have pains on my waist. Since I gave birth to my child in January 2014, I haven’t seen my periods. My ear was also painful.”

“The man of God sprayed Doom on me and my ear was healed and don’t feel any waist pains anymore.”

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While some applaud the ‘Doom’ amazement, many have condemned this act.

The images showed the pastor spraying the insecticide on people’s body, leg, face and eyes. Considering the warning on the body of the product, the manufacturers advised against bodily contact with the repellent.

They warned that it could cause “irritation of the skin‚ eyes and mucous membranes.” For extreme misuse of the repellent, a doctor’s attention is advised.


Recall that the prophet Lethebo Rabalago has made headlines in the past for placing a large speaker on top of a congregant in order to solve her problems.