Michelle Obama Says Her Proudest Achievement As First Lady Is Her Daughters

Michelle Obama is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished first ladies that the United States has ever had and so a question on her proudest achievement through the 8 years that she has been the First lady would no doubt have ears perking up to take notes.

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Michelle had a conversation with Oprah Winfrey during the United State of Women summit in Washington on Tuesday and Oprah Winfrey asked her what she would be most proud of after leaving The White house. She revealed her proudest achievement in these words;

“You know, truly, I am most proud of my daughters,”

Proudest achievement

Not failing to acknowledge a long list of other projects and initiatives which she instigated, ranging from; promoting better nutrition for children, supporting military families, to helping insure that girls around the world have access to education, she however put them in the right context of work that will continue, even after her lifetime.

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She however saw her role in raising her two daughters, 15-year-old daughter Sasha and 17-year-old Malia Obama, in another light. The First lady described her fears about raising her daughters with a “sense of normalcy” and confidence while they were so much in the public eye.

Proudest achievement

The First Lady admitted to a sense of relief now that they were both in their teens, stating;

“We just went to Malia’s high school graduation, and we’re watching Sasha move her way through high school. And I am very proud of those two and how they’ve managed this situation and how they have continued to be themselves, regular little girls just trying to figure it out. And as all mothers do, you breathe that sigh of relief that you didn’t mess up your kids. And every day I cross my fingers and hope that I’m doing right by them, and I’m providing them with a good foundation so that they can be great people.”

We really think she did a great job too.