Texas Knife Rights

Texas Knife Rights– Texas now permits people to move around with Knives and swords. The American state has repealed the ban on illegal knives.

Known for their ranches and their conservative lifestyles, openly carrying a blade is arguably common with Texans. That is probably the reason the law was repealed to remove restrictions on the knife carrying culture.

They complained that the previous knife law made them look like criminals.

Gov. Greg Abbott recently signed House Bill 1935(Texas Knife Law Reform Bill) into law, removing size restrictions on knife blades carried publicly by adults.

“We were seeing a lot of Texans get in trouble for the mere possession of something that they were legally allowed to own and to buy, but they were getting in trouble for possessing that item,”

“If someone goes into a business and the business owner or an employee is not comfortable with what they’re carrying, they can ask them to leave or ask them to go place it in their vehicle and, again, law abiding people are going to do that,”

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According to the law, the people who are allowed to carry the knives are adults from the age of 18. The sizes permitted to be carried about in public are knives with blades longer than 5 ½ inches.

For knife collectors and salesmen, this is a dream come true.

Some Texans have expressed their reservations for being regarded as criminals because they often carry knives with them.

Texas Knife Rights

Contradicting his point of view, the United States has the most increasing gun violence rates in the world. Former President Barack Obama had unsuccessfully set a unilateral motion to zero down gun crime rates in the country.

Still on legally enabling crime rates, there equally seems to be no restricting gun laws in Texas.

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Wikipedia notes thus:

“Texas has no laws regarding possession of “long-barreledfirearms” or “long guns” (shotguns, rifles and similar) by persons 18 years or older with valid identification, or handguns by persons 21 years or older, without felony convictions; all existing restrictions in State law mirror Federal law.”

Crime rates in Texas in recent times have been reported to be gradually going down. Same with most urban areas across the US, as revealed by an analysis of crime rates in about 30 US cities.

Austin, the state capital of Texas has recorded a 10% decrease in crime rates which is just about the highest nationwide. Murder rate for instance went down by 33%.

The looming fear is if Texas knife rights will sabotage the efforts in reducing crime in the state.

In places like the UK where there are strict gun control laws, knife attacks are common.

The law however restricts the blades to be in possession of persons under 18 years. It must not also be taken to schools, colleges, correctional facilities, houses of worship and bars.