Unique Facts About Qimmah Russo’s Work as a Fitness Instructor and Her Athletic Family

Fitness instructors are a major part of the world as it is now. A lot of people require help to be able to stay fit both physically and mentally, and fitness experts are the kind of professionals that satisfy this desire. In a world where popular female fitness coaches like Michelle Lewin and Patricia Alamo exist, there are other young ones making waves in the field and the New York-born Qimmah Russo is one of them.

The African American fitness enthusiast started out at a very early age and has been able to impact hundreds of lives with her online videos and her very own fitness company. Russo has a unique style of conducting her own workout sessions which include calisthenics, bodyweight exercises, and, squats. This uniqueness in style is the edge that sets the fitness expert apart from her contemporaries and more importantly, she prefers to get her heart rater up unaided with any cardio machines. Now that keeping fit is gaining more importance around the globe, experts like Qimmah Russo can be the best example of living a healthy life.

Qimmah Russo’s Passion For Sporting Activities Was A Second Thought

By the time she became old enough want something for herself, Qimmah Russo had settled her mind to get into the field of medicine, with plans to become an obstetrician-gynecologist. But from what is obvious, fate and providence had other plans for the young Afro-American. During her days in school, Russo was actively involved in sports, thanks to her family’s love of fitness and sporting activities.

In the end, she changed course – from wanting a career in OB-GYN to sports – and joined her college varsity basketball team. Qimmah Russo would go on to study for her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Kinesiology. She earned this degree from the College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, California.

With her course of study and her love of sports, one would naturally think that Qimmah Russo would go with either of them for a career path. As such, it wasn’t a surprise when the fitness trainer decided to pick up weightlifting, thanks to her desire for something more competitive. From that point on, she found her calling in fitness training and dedicated herself to keeping fit and showing others how to do it.

She Leveraged Vine Videos To Gain Popularity In 2010

Qimmah gained internet popularity in 2010 thanks to her Vine videos showing the fitness expert exercising with her own regimens. The trainer’s popularity followed her into Instagram, garnering over 1.6 million followers on the picture-sharing platform. This popularity led Russo to create her own fitness company called Q-Flex Fitness. The outlet is geared towards sharing different methods of keeping fit and healthy with followers and gives them tips on improving their mental well-being.

Since then, Qimmah Russo has not looked back. She has continued to be a household name in the world of fitness and has maintained a physique that is toned and as healthy as ever. The black American’s goal is to get more people to take up healthy living and, there is no better way to reach this goal than being a fitness trainer. Thanks to her feats, Qimmah has received several sponsorship deals with several fitness companies and has even modeled for brands.

Russo has recorded one television appearance so far. In 2016, the fitness coach appeared in Ask Dr. Nandi show – a popular medical lifestyle show whose main focus is to improve the health of the American nation. Russo loves to spend time on the beach and has shared some of her beach photos on Instagram.

Qimmah Russo Has A Unique Approach To Training

Qimmah Russo’s height may not be so impressive at 5 feet 4 inches, but it is thanks to her build and body shape that the fitness instructor stands out from the crowd. She was greatly impacted by the athletic environment in which she grew up which set her on a fitness path, one she has explored to her advantage.

Her naturally good shape notwithstanding, Qimmah’s meticulously carved body is the end result of consistent hard work and of course eating right. Her own fitness therapy is focused on conditioning and strength building. The Afro-American fitness expert believes in weightlifting and curls as much as the next guy, however, she equally believes in mixing things up. Her series of workout routines, which include weightlifting, has aided her in building a well-sculptured muscular body that stands out on social media. Russo has shared several of her workout photos on Instagram.

She Also Engages in Other Training Activities Besides Weightlifting

Away from the occasional weightlifting, she has other preferred training activities which include strength and conditioning workout like calisthenics, bodyweight exercises, as well as her favorite, squats. According to Russo, you just don’t lift weight or do curls; you should be walking on your hands up and down the turf. The idea behind this is to build up your entire body with a mixture of activities that allow you to attack it with several different styles of training.

Russo favors squats as a workout routine because that way, she gets to work all her major muscles – legs, glutes, and back. And just like her general fitness philosophy, Qimmah Russo’s doesn’t go for the traditional way of doing squats. Instead of the usual three sets, the fitness coach opts to do as many reps as possible within half a minute. Sometimes she favors circuit squats, racking sets upon sets without taking any breaks in between. In fact, she makes fitness training fun. Ever since the fitness queen stepped into the weight room, she has gone from leaps to bounds in her professional life. This has made her a name to look out for in fitness matters.

Qimmah Russo Comes From An Athletic Family 

Qimmah Russo was born to a sporting family – with Kenneth and Rayietta Russo as her parents. Every member of her family is into one sporting activity or the other, even though not at a professional level. While her father Kenneth Russo was an active baseball player during his youth, the fitness instructor’s mother Rayietta Russo excelled in the game of hockey.

From the very start, Qimmah was already involved with the world of sports and fitness thanks to her parents. To top it all up, her brother, Tamir Russo was also a football player. You could say that sports run in the blood of the Russo family. It’s no wonder Qimmah chose the career path she’s currently on.

Qimmah Russo
Qimmah and brother Tamir image source

She Also Shares A Close Relationship With Her Family

It is not a surprise to hear that Russo is very close to her family. She has been described as a family girl who loves to spend quality time with her loved ones.

Despite the fame she has on social media platforms, the black-American fitness expert has developed an aversion to talking about her family. However, it is very obvious that she has a close affinity with her brother Tamir who always appears in her videos and photos. She has expressed immense gratitude to her mom and dad for their unflinching support all through her life and considers them as her role models.

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