Quick Life Facts To Learn From Celine Dion As She Mourns The Men She Lost

In 2003, Celine Dion lost the first man in her life, her father, to a prolonged illness. The death of the 80-year-old was naturally heart breaking for the super-talented song bird; but I doubt if that measures up to what Celine is going through right now. As the world reached out to her on 14th of January, over the death of her spouse, Rene Angelil, there was a speculation that her brother who also battled with cancer was not doing very well. Finally, Daniel Dion died on 17th January, 2 days after the death of the star’s husband.

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This double tragedy makes one wonder how she is supposed to survive the ordeal, how will she and many other people in life who might be on the same path at the moment cope with such a mighty loss. Without any intention of trivializing the situation, some others are living survivors of even worse tragedies. How they did that boils down to understanding what this life we are living is really all about – there are some things you just have to know:

1. Nothing lasts forever


As no one has his lifetime’s expiry date, it is only wise that side by side with being optimistic about having a long life, we make room for uncertainties. Make the best out of life; Celine Dion to the best of the world’s knowledge will forever be fulfilled and at peace with her conscience knowing that she gave her best to her husband, marriage and the world.

Live each day like it was your last so that whatever happens, you can beat your chest and say “I DID MY VERY BEST”, “I LOVED, THE VERY BEST WAY THAT I EVER COULD”.

2. Death is inevitable


Someday for sure we will be no more. Everyone is made for a reason and once the job is done, we officially sign out. Death is as sure as rain and tax. Spiritual enthusiasts will agree that it is “a journey to eternity”- Immortality

3. You’ll need that picture someday


Africans are not typical with public display of affection or the use of sweet words or expressing the love emotion… but just once in a while make someone know you care about them because there will come a time when you would want to see them but can’t. Thanks to pictures and videos, we can preserve some memories; try to make one available – Just like footprints, memories are worth it. They could end up being the only way you get to remember what those loved ones looked like.

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4. Family is everything


It is only family that sticks with you even in death. Family is a treasure, a priceless gift to man.

5. You can’t go through life without ever being hurt, “that’s just the way it is”


6. Love is all that matters

Celine-Rene Angelil4

The fights are not worth it. You know what they say “you never know what you have till you lose it”. It’s funny how majority of the time, when people die, the bad rarely shows up. All the memories in your head are the incredibly good and beautiful ones; this is the only time you even appreciate their flaws and shortcomings. Why not cheat nature a little bit and laugh over these things while we still have time. If we don’t ever love and forgive, our lives will be incomplete. And if that were so, mourning our loved ones will literally make no sense.

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7. There’s a thin line between strength and weakness


In weakness lies strength if you only believe. There are times when you wholeheartedly want to be tired of being strong but unfortunately, being strong is all the option that you have left.

8. Life goes on no matter what


No matter the pain and heart ache, no matter how hard it gets, life still goes on; it just does. Do you know that tough times make people strong? It sure does.

9. It’s okay to smile in your pain


Funerals are the best times to recall good memories and perfectly awful times to count regrets. At the funeral of his father, Rene Charles in the midst of his hurt saw a reason to smile, make his mother smile, and in fact the entire gathering of people there present. The smile found its way out as he said these words:

“He had a busy life but we were getting to know each other through golf, poker, smoked meat and other wonderful food”

And that leads to the question – what will you be remembered for when you are gone?

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10. We do say goodbye


Image(s) Source: Daily Mail