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Well known as the Gearhead Diva, Rachel De Barros is a Brazilian woman who was born and bred in Washington DC. The television personality has found a good space as an entrepreneur, an automotive enthusiast, and a long term marketer. For her co-hosting the renowned Velocity Network show, ‘All Girls Garage’, Rachel De Barros has become popular and has enjoyed the benefits that come with it.

While De Barros was growing up, she was always noticed doing different things from the regular things girls are known for. She preferred to gather junks, dismantle and try to fix them back rather than build sandcastles, play with dolls or do the things her peers were doing. Her uniqueness didn’t stop at childhood but sustained through until she decided to learn the art of automobiles as a teenager. Rachel De Barros is also known as an entrepreneur who manages a boutique and a marketing company, Purple Star Media and Gearhead Diva.

Rachel De Barros’ Biography

Though her parents are Brazilians from Feliz Nazal, Rachel De Barros was born in Washington DC, on August 4, 1978. Even as a kid, Rachel had dreams of becoming one of those people who fix cars. To make her dream come true, she started to learn the art of fixing and repairing automobiles from her uncle who directed and owned a garage for auto body repairs in Washington

Not much is known about the Gearhead Diva’s family, but it has been reported that they believed in her dreams and helped her actualize it. Rachel De Barros is known to have other siblings whose pictures she shares on social media. She attended the Ohio University where she attained a Bachelor’s degree in marketing. Upon the completion of that, she decided to go for the automotive work she had interest in while she was younger. Rachel De Barros completed her program in the Philadelphia Automotive Training School.

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While in college, Rachel began to explore all she learned from her Uncle’s automotive shop. She fixed other students’ cars and made some fortune while at it. She added marketing to her abilities in repairing cars in school and for many years, she worked in line with both skills. Upon graduation, De Baross started a marketing company named the Purple Star Media as well as operating a boutique instead of starting her auto mechanic shop.

She took her next bold step by starting an auto body shop instead of working under someone else. As Rachel De Barros progressed and her career became brighter, she became part of a TV show – All Girls Garage, a show that focuses on car building. Rachel alongside Cristy Lee and Sarah Lateiner have continued to host the show since 2012.

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Facts and Everything You Need To Know

Rachel De Barros has persisted on being a Garage girl and seems to enjoy the path she has taken. However, with the fame she has made herself over the many years as a marketer and auto mechanic, she has kept her private life miles away from the crowd. Though it is no rumor that her family is not a very large one as it consists of her parents and a sister, they seem quite close. Even with the knowledge of their existence, their names have remained a mystery.

Her relationship status has also remained unknown to the public. Many would have wondered if Rachel was gay or straight especially because her career is male-dominated. Sources, however, have it that the Gearhead Diva is straight.

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Aside from her skills in marketing, TV hosting, and fixing of cars, Rachel De Barros has an additional skill of Piloting. It has been reported that while in her 20’s, she learned how to fly airplanes but she has not turned that into a profession.

She is a member of the SEMA Business Women’s Network as well as SEMA Young Executive Network.

Rachel De Barros has a high earning from her marketing company, boutique, and auto mechanic jobs. For her show – All Girls Garage, sources have reported her to get about $136, 961 and her net worth has been estimated between 1.5 to 3 million US dollars.

De Barros’ height is about 5 feet and 2 inches.

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