Racism! A man’s gravest threat to man – the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason (Abraham Joshua Heschel). Will there ever come a time when that word ‘racism’ will be categorized as archaic and extinct? Unfortunately not, at least speaking from present day reality. Are we really one? Where is the love? Every racist incident re-opens the ancient slavery wound dealt on the black human race. One would wonder what it is about the black color that makes the race so disliked all over the world. What is it they actually hate, the woolly hair, the flat nose, the brown eyes, the thick dark chocolate skin or the physical strength? Are these guys actually racist or jealous or threatened? Obtaining a visa from the embassy to the western country of your destination has become such an uphill task and yet “we are one”. Sometimes it all seems like a lie.

Racism is the concept that promotes the imbalance of privileges amongst people of different decent. A white man visits the African nation and enjoys all sorts of freedom but when the table turns, they practically remind you of things you sincerely should forget. While not every white man is guilty of racism, some of them will be glad to remind you of your ancient oppressed fathers and sold out brothers and sisters, through words, actions and even inter-national relations. The Chauvinistic tendencies of western nations have not ceased. They continuously assume global supremacy and power; technological advancement seems to be enhancing this supremacy tendency. One can never stop to wonder what the unsettled issue between black and white is. Some argue that it has nothing to do with the color but the attitude, but the black man will tell you that they all roll into one. Africans feel hated because of the unkind gestures that they receive from the western world. When you are travelling out, you are screened three times more than other people of different skin color. All eyes are on you as if you are about to do something weird, like there’s a natural inclination to expect something negative. It’s indeed humiliating and degrading.

Sometimes we wonder if they still see us as those same chained, supposed less of humans, starved, cramped in slave ships, traded and murdered for fun and business. While someone on the side complains and compares Africa to developed continents, I wonder if those developed countries would be that developed if they hadn’t ventured into slavery and colonization. If every nation was left to manage and develop their countries, a lot of dignity would have been given to the African race today. Has trans-Atlantic slavery inspired racism? That’s a capital yes. There’s something about crime or any bad attribute, the stench does not just go away. The painful part of this is that the degree of the stench on the white race is infinitesimal to the degree of stigmatization and insecurity that the African man goes through, worse still for something that wasn’t any of his own doing. It does no one any good to be recounting past hurts but the modern-day racist tendencies automatically takes you back to the genesis of the situation. Why in the world will a nation who claims to be free and catering to all insist on influencing the cultural and legislative decision of a nation in return for foreign aid. That sounds like modern slavery to me. It makes me wonder who the primitive one really is. They are the ones who are still primitive in thinking we have not grown and are still the same old bullied people.

It is rather unfortunate that the hatred for the black race runs so deep that the imperialist nations have not yet fully accepted to love the blacks who have lived with them for many generations now, how much more Africans all over the world. It’s sad and insane, I mean, their fore fathers didn’t write any application to find themselves in foreign countries. Even as most countries clown over the anti-segregation laws, the practice contradicts the claims.


The western gospel of celebrating beauty of diversity has not seriously reflected in racial relations, they still fail to understand the beauty of the African composition. For instance, “If a white man falls off a chair drunk, it’s just a drunk. If a Negro does, it’s the whole damn Negro race” (Bill Cosby). Not all white children fancy the formal education, but an African child who is not in school is a proof that we will never find the hidden secrets in books. They call us lazy but guess who got shipped off from Africa to the West to work in fields and plantations. If we had nothing to offer why did they come to/for us against our will. “Black is dirty” but you go sun tanning, What is it we are hated for really? Nothing. It’s just a mindset, an ignorant and primitive mindset that some group of people should run the world. I strongly believe that we could have been better placed on the world map if all things were equal.

Lately the world is pondering on the South Carolina Emmanuel AME mass murder. A 21-year-old boy who should be moulding his future, decided that the right thing to do was to murder nine people, six of whom were women old enough to be his mothers, in cold blood and in a place of worship. It was a shock when he confesses to the crime admitting to the intention of starting a racial war. If truly there’s no other ulterior motive to this crime, then it is obvious that racism is probably not going anywhere. Oprah Winfrey once expressed joy in asserting that the 21st century youth is the most color blind youth of all time, and this happens and everyone wonders, who will call the truce?

There’s racism everywhere; movies, music, soccer and even dance, that’s why it is record-breaking for an African to be a professional ballerina and given due recognition. I think people are still ignorant and guilty of generalizations. I once saw a movie on racism. Two girls- black and white- just got acquainted, they stared so hard at each other till the white one popped the question, “do you taste like chocolate?” and the black girl answered with a question,”and do you taste like vanilla?” they both licked a part of each others faces and with a somewhat disappointed look, ” no you don’t”, they agreed they were not like they were stereotyped to be. Stereotypes are for the unenlightened minds. Just as either good or bad can be found in Africa, so also can they be found in the White race. There is no need to hate on any race.