Racist advert

Remember the widely judged racist advert by a Chinese detergent firm which had the internet in a fit just this past week?

Well, turns out it is actually a rip off of another earlier advert that was aired a full nine years ago.

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The two adverts share very similar features; inclusive of music and sound effects, except that in the case of the Italian laundry detergent advert that was aired about 9 years ago, there is a twist in the preferred result.

Containing similar racist overtones, the original racist advert argues that in fact “Coloured is better.”

The Italian advert begins with the introduction of a white man wearing saggy underwear and lacking in gym physique, he saunters up to a woman whilst she loads the washing machine, coughing suggestively and motioning to his hairy chest.

She sighs in annoyance, then smiles winningly only to shove him head first into the machine when he is close enough.

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The long and short of it is the camera focuses on the washing powder, Coleria Italiana as the washing cycle comes to an end and a black man emerges from the machine with rippling muscles. He flexes his arms as the woman stares in awe before the advertising slogan comes up: “Coloured is better.”

racist advert

Coloeria Italiana’s clip lasts 40 seconds and has already been viewed more than 500,000 times and being that it was the original racist advert that inspired the more recent one, it is necessary to also point out the insensitivity.

The world would most surely be a better place if everyone was comfortable with their screen colour and the media was more careful about the messages that are prescribed and promoted.