Who Is Raegan Revord, Who Are Her Family Members and How Did She Achieve Fame So Early?

Raegan Revord may not be old enough to drink, drive or vote but she is already making waves in Hollywood. The fast-rising child actress has taken part in several movies and TV series. One of her most popular projects is the TV series, Young Sheldon – a spinoff of the hit sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. It focuses on the childhood days of the super-intelligent but socially awkward physicist, Sheldon Cooper.

In the sitcom, Raegan Revord plays the role of Sheldon’s twin sister, Missy Cooper. Her excellent portrayal of the sassy, sarcastic, and opinionated Missy has made her a big fan favorite. There are interesting facts to learn about the budding star, especially how she was able to achieve such status at an early age.

Raegan Revord Began Her Career As A Child Model At Age Four

Raegan Aleece Revord was born on the 3rd day of January in 2008. She was born – and also grew up – in the city of San Diego, California but there is little to share on her educational background. Given the fact that she commenced her acting career at a very young age, she was most likely home-schooled by her parents or hired tutors.

The young actress has been described as a natural performer and the reason is not farfetched. She fell in love with acting and started auditioning quite early; in fact, she has no recollection of her first audition which probably wasn’t bad since it has brought her this far.

Revord began her career as a child model when she was just four years old and barely speaking coherently. At this stage of her budding career, she mostly appeared in ads for different companies such as Enterprise, Toyota, Little Tikes, and Mattel. Her natural talent glowed through in these commercials and a family friend (who was also a talent agent) offered to represent her. She made the transition to acting when she was six years old and her very first role came in the popular sitcom – Modern Family. Between 2014 and 2016, she played the recurring role of Megan in the acclaimed TV series.

Raegan Revord
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She Has Grown Her Career Since Her First Gig

Since that humble debut, Raegan Revord has appeared in over 10 movies and TV series. On the big screen, she has appeared in movies such as Tortoise (2015), Jia (2015), Stray (2017), Wish Upon (2017) and I See You (2017). The latter is a drama that follows a man hell-bent on carrying out a terrorist attack. He, however, experiences a change of mind when he comes in contact with a little child. In the movie, Revord plays the role of a little girl named Amy.

On the other hand, her small-screen appearances, though not elaborate right now, are clearly taking her to bigger places in her career.

Young Sheldon Is Her Major Claim To Fame

Raegan Revord has also enjoyed success on the small screen. She has appeared on TV shows such as Modern Family, Young Sheldon, Teachers, W/Bob & David, and Grace and Frankie. Grace and Frankie is a Netflix series that follows two women trying to move on with their lives after discovering that their husbands are not just colleagues but lovers. The series debuted in 2015 and has received positive reviews, bagging award recognition, including Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

Among all the roles she has played so far, depicting Missy Cooper in Young Sheldon stands out as a fan favorite. The CBS show dropped its first episode on 25th September 2017 and the cameras are still rolling with Revord retaining her spot as the sassy twin sister of the title character. Young Sheldon has dominated the list of primetime’s most-watched comedies in recent times with the second season finale garnering almost 14 million viewers. This overwhelming popularity saw to it that the show is picked up for a third and fourth season. The third season premiered on September 26, 2019.

Raegan Revord has received enough recognition in the course of her infant career. She was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a TV series at the 2018 Young Artist Awards. She did not win but there is no doubt that she would win many awards in the future, that is if she continues climbing the ranks with the pace she is currently on, as well as getting better at her craft.

Her Parents Played A Pivotal Role In Her Rise To Fame

There is not much information about Revord’s family background, probably because she is still too young to be divulging such details. Again, her parents are not players in the industry which makes it hard to get information on them. The name of her father is not known but her mother has been identified as Holly.

Despite this lack of information, there is no doubt that her parents contributed to the making of a star at such a young age. They did not question her decision to become an actress at an early age. They rather encouraged her and even moved to L.A. so that she would get the right opportunities. Her parents also manage many aspects of her career, including her social media accounts. Revord has a sizable following online; several thousands across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

She may also be the only child of her parents as no siblings have been attached to her name since she made the spotlight.

Facts That Prove Raegan Revord Is More Than A Talented Actress

Revord has a charitable heart despite her young age. She serves as a junior ambassador for a children’s hospital in L.A. Though too young to care about certain things, the actress is already contributing her quota to change the world.

The young actress is equally an avid reader and spends her spare time buried in books. She hopes to also become an author, director, and horse rider when she grows up.

She is an animal lover as well and hopes to establish a farm for rescued animals someday. She has three beloved puppies. Two of them are of Maltese breed while one is a terrier mix.

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